Cring & Clazzy commemorate Epiphany in story and song

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The wisdom of the ages is represented by the “Bethlehem visitation” of the Wise Ones from the East, who decided to make the risky journey of following both a star and their hearts.

Spirited black and whiteAuthor/singer/composer Jonathan Richard Cring and his musical partner, Janet Clazzy, are touring in your area with a fifty-five minute event of story, song, music, good cheer and inspiration to celebrate the serendipitous gifts of the wise, frankincense and myrrh

With stories to excite the imagination and songs to warm the heart, Cring & Clazzy combine entertainment and inspiration through songs such as The Abba Overture (below):

Having traveled nearly a million miles themselves over eighteen years of partnership, Cring & Clazzy receive rave reviews from audiences and congregations all over the country.

“When we first started touring eighteen years ago,” states Cring from his headquarters on the road, “We decided we would not charge a fee whenever we performed in churches, but just ask for a love offering. We’ve never regretted it.”

Clazzy adds, “We also offer our materials–books, movies and CDs–at just what it costs us to make them. We just think it’s time for good folks to get a good deal!”

Called “the biggest 2-piece band in America,” Cring & Clazzy combine entertainment and inspiration in much the same mindset that Jesus demonstrated when he climbed the Mount to deliver his famous sermon.

Cring & Clazzy celebrate the season in an arrangement entitled Two Christmas.

Epiphany — the perfect historical happening, calling humanity to celebrate the adventurous souls who risked life, limb and reputation on the hunch that following the star God placed in the sky would lead them to the discovery of a lifetime.

A risk well taken … one that should be faithfully commemorated!

Three wise men

 Call Jackie Barnett at (615) 481-1474 to schedule.


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