Front Porch USA: you are not off your rocker

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In a one-hour, three act play, Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy portray a surprise visitation in the life of one of God’s children:


Timothy Stomlin, known as TS, is waiting for the arrival of his family for the holidays. It also happens to be his birthday. A friend has suggested that he publish a memoir, so we first encounter him sitting on his porch, recording thoughts and memories. In the process of entertaining an unexpected visitor, Hayna–a rather Bohemian-styled woman who plays the oboe–he ruminates on the early years of his life.

Act 2

Hayna departs and TS continues his reminiscing, revealing some of the joys, adventures, tribulations and decisions of his life.  His guest returns with an offer of a special “organic dish,” and he receives some disappointing news. Left alone with Hayna, who wishes him “happy birthday,” a grumpy TS responds, disgruntled.


TS talks about where his life has taken him and where he thinks his life is headed, and Hayna spends some time in what TS supposes to be speculation about heaven, and the true reason for her visitation is revealed.

In Front Porch USA, as TS recounts his journey, we realize along with him the processes he lived out–of Finding the Lily to Consider, Digging for Gold in the Rule and ultimately, Preparing a Place for Ourselves.

And we finally understand that when the MESSAGE in our lives is the true one from the Mount, and when the MEANING unfolds in truly human terms, then life will have a natural sense of MISSION–leaving us fulfilled, blessed and loved.

Front Porch USA–you are not off your rocker.

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