Jonathots, Jr.! Some Favorites

JONATHOTS, JR.!   A Thoughtful Way to Start Your Day …

by Jonathan Richard Cring

Jon and Janet

Here are nine we really like …  Jonathan and Janet


Common sense must become common with each new generation.



Dear Jesus: In Africa they need you to turn the wine into water.

 boy looking for water


Church is not where God lives. It’s where He stops in to pick up His latest messengers.

 church color


Keeping the faith is much more profitable if you give it away.

baby faith


Picking up where you left off is fine as long as you aren’t wearing an orange jump suit.

 better orange jumpsuits


Why do I trust people who laugh more than those who frown?

children laughing


 Writing a song is like capturing an angel on paper.

 song writing

Clazzy up

(BTW–an example. It’s called Desert Skies — Janet Clazzy)


Having kids helps you understand God. For only children can love you and ignore you at the same time.

 children ignore


 If you are heading in the right direction, every exit is actually an entrance.

car taking an exit


Want more?

You’ll find a new one each and every day:

Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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