Spirited 2014: The Gospel According to Common Sense

Common sense spirited poster“The gospel is earth friendly,” proclaims Jonathan Richard Cring from his seat behind the piano, “Because God is people loving.”

In a national tour taking them from coast to coast, Jonathan and his partner of seventeen years, Janet Clazzy, are out to communicate truly good news:  Jesus did not come to make our lives more difficult.

As Jonathan puts it: “He came to give us the great tool of common sense to help us battle life’s problems, both large and small. “

Jesus said it all the time: “Be of good cheer.” But why? Jonathan tells us why good cheer is such a great help in a world of tribulation. “I promise you,” he says, “If we just adopt this one single principle–to be of good cheer–we set ourselves apart and we’ll go to the head of the class.”

It’s just common sense.jon at white piano

Most of Jonathan’s tales are not set in Bible times, though. “The story of the Good Book is ongoing,” he contends. “You have stories, I have stories. The good news continues.

booksAnd from that perspective has come a lifetime of creativity–books, screenplays, songs and stories have poured out–not to mention his daily column, Jonathots.

The Cring and Clazzy partnership is also ongoing, with 250,000 miles traveled in seventeen years. In the words of one sponsor:

“What a wonderful time we all had yesterday.  Your love for the Lord, the sharing of your faith and both of your musical talents are extraordinary.  So many folks came up to me after the worship service to say how much they enjoyed the concert.  I especially appreciated your focus on the joy of our faith, and how we seem to be missing that joy in this great land, the home of the free and the brave.  If ever SpiriTed is in this neck of the woods again, please let us know. We’d love to have both you and Janet back in our sanctuaries to proclaim the good news and share your wonderful musical talents.   Your servant in Christ, Bob Webb, Rose Hill U.M.C., Houston, TX

The Common Sense Tour is tailor-made for your gathering. Showcasing Jonathan’s ability to share through story and song, along with Janet’s breath-taking talents on the oboe and the Yamaha WX5 Wind Machine (a horn with 250 instruments), Cring and Clazzy celebrate with your congregation the beauty of being fellow travelers and one undeniable piece of common sense–we’re all human beings … and we have a lot more in common than we do in difference.

Click here to listen to Spirited music

Click here to listen to Spirited music

For scheduling Spirited, please call Jackie Barnett at (615) 481-1474.

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