Three Ways to Change Your Mind… February 5, 2015

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These are the awards that await any intelligent human being who is prepared to make the important choice of changing his or her mind.

Although many people favor the stubborn attitude of refusing to consider anything outside the borders of present reasoning, our history tells us that the souls who are willing to discontinue a belligerent pursuit and allow themselves to be mentally “born again” have the capacity for entering a new realm of understanding.

I am not afraid to change my mind.

I am required to change my mind.

I am blessed to change my mind.

To achieve this enlightened status, I merely have to follow a simple three-step process:

1. Stop.

Stop talking. Stop preaching. Stop campaigning. Stop drawing lines in the sand. Stop witnessing your opinion to everyone you see.

Instead, create a beautiful cone of silence around yourself which allows for varying views, other possibilities and spiritual revelation to permeate your bubble. But you have to stop.

2. Look.

Yes, just peer around the world and see what is beginning to bloom which has the favor of both God and man. After all, that’s what the Good Book says Jesus had. He found favor with God and man. If your opinion only finds favor with God and isn’t sensitive to the natural order or the needs of humanity, you need to look a little further.

Likewise, if what you believe only appeases human whim and is blind to the history of our growth as a species and our respect for Nature and God, then your movement will be very temporary. Look.

3. Listen.

Give an ear. “For he that has an ear, let him hear.”

Listen for key words. Listen for words that include human beings and faith instead of shutting the door to one or the other.

Listen for ideas that believe in life instead of questioning whether some people should be granted the privilege. Listen.

And after you’ve gone through this three-step process–stop, look and listen–move towards life. Publically, joyfully, openly, willingly and maybe even humorously–let everyone know you’ve changed your mind.

Because even though the media leads us to believe that switching positions is an unpopular move, I have never seen anyone who has changed his or her mind to improve the situation around them who has not been touted a hero.

Keep in mind that Abraham Lincoln did not begin anti-slave, nor did Franklin Roosevelt start our with the thinking of anti-Nazi. They grew. They changed their minds.

And because they did, freedom had a chance.

You can be a hero. Heroes change their minds when the knowledge provided proves to be divinely inspired.

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