Three Generations… January 20, 2012


Live in Philadelphia, PA

It was a pleasant, quiet dinner last evening, with a party of six. Three generations.  A trio of the half-dozen gathered were children of the sixties. Another was “Back to the Future” with the Reagan years. And the final two young ladies were the offspring of a new century. Our differences make us alike because we share in common … being different.

About halfway through my entrée, I thought about how marvelous it is to have the influence of people of different ages, styles and thought processes. I also realized that the two young ladies, who just happen to be my granddaughters, will spend the majority of their lives without my presence on this earth. I don’t bring this up to be maudlin or macabre–just factual. Because even if I sprout a decent amount of longevity, these two wonderful damsels will live at least thirty to forty years beyond my departure. Probably most of their lives.
What do I wish they would remember about the individual they call “G-Pop?” I hope they remember three things about me:
1. Faith in yourself is best expressed by honoring your Creator through allowing human beings to find themselves without your criticism.
2. Hope is a powerful, but dangerous, elixir, which should only be prescribed when weariness threatens despair.
3. And finally, love is in evidence when your circle of family is expanding rather than shrinking.
Yes, I would tell these lovely girls that these three abide, but still greater than these is the Kingdom of God within them.

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