Three Ways for Me to Promote My New Book, “Within” … May 21st, 2015

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It is too easy to be vain.

To be vain, all you have to do is pretend like you’re able to accomplish something that other people can’t, and then continue to harp on it until everybody wants to kill you.

I wrote a book.

It’s my 12th book. By the way, it is no better than having laid 12 bricks or cleaned 12 rooms at a motel or succeeded in working a 12-hour shift.

It’s what I do.

Writing a book is thrilling because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. What follows writing a book is not such a pleasant experience–because at that point I have to find a way to get people to purchase it and read it.

Just because one is a writer does not mean that one is a marketer.

So when my book arrived last week and I held it in my hands, I realized that possessing my book was not the goal of writing it. The goal was to get my book out of my hands and into the hands of other people without annoying them so much that they declare me “vain.”

So I came up with three ways for me to promote my book, “Within.”

1. Remember why I wrote it.

It’s easy to forget, you know. If we’re not careful, we all forget the important stuff because we get overwhelmed by the dumb stuff.

I wrote the book because it seems to me that somewhere along the way, we’ve forgotten that we’re human. Being human is neither a divine nor a devilish proposition. I wanted to clarify that.

Then, I wanted to simplify the language into accessible “people talk.”

And finally, I wanted to rectify the mistakes of religion and secularism by filling the vacuum evacuated by the absence of a creative Father.

So that’s why I wrote it. I’m feeling better already.

2. Don’t be afraid of reactions.

After all, there really is only one bad reaction: “It was nice.”

If people are either moved to joy or distressed, and it leads to thought, then I have achieved my purpose as a writer.

I must be unafraid of criticism. I’ll work on that.

3. Tell somebody something to help someone.

Yes, I must be willing to tell somebody that I wrote a book.

It is a courageous step. I must risk that the person might think that I’m over-promoting. But if I don’t tell somebody, then the something I put in the book can never help someone.

  • Can I overcome my timidity?
  • Can I escape a fear of being rejected?

Truth of the matter is, if I can’t, I will probably have a whole lot of books sitting in my corner, never distributed to anyone else.

So here’s my announcement:

I have a new book. It clarifies, simplifies and rectifies some of the situations surrounding being a human. It’s not very long, it’s easy to read, it’s cheap–and it is available.

You can check out the details below.

Do I hope you will purchase it and read it?

I hope you will do what’s best for you, and in the process of doing so, might consider my humble offering.


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