PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … September 6th, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Z or P

Rising from my bed

I really wasn’t dead

Just somewhat fond of sleep

Like Bo-Peep with her sheep


I considered a roll to the right

To continue my blissful night

But there within my sight

Was a splash of morning light

So groan I did

Close my lid

And lie there very still

My toasty form

Is cuddly and warm

Not wishing a morning chill

But as I pause

For my sleepy cause

Reality stirs in me


And not just a wee bit

But a raging sea-fit

Threatening like tingling ants

To drown me in my pants

It comes to me

What shall it be?

Perhaps continue to snooze

And maybe then I’d lose

Control of me bladder

A very embarrassing matter

Nature certainly has her ways

To get us involved in our days

If we want the night

And fight the determined light

The sun will surely win

So Little Boy Blue

Blow your horn

Sloth–it be a deadly sin.




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