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Arguably, the largest misconception in the ongoing pursuit of human relationship is the assertion that a good excuse is as powerful and proper as a promised result.

After all, we pretend to forgive those who give up along the way of completing a task. We really don’t. We join their retreat, sigh and walk away disappointed.

Unfortunately, it only takes a handful of disappointments before we just stop trying. When we find ourselves confined, unable to try, we are convinced that change is impossible.

The end result is a jaded population. It’s a prison for creativity.

So how can we finish? Please consider three steps:

1. Don’t start.

Yes, there are times that even if the cause is noble, the circumstances and surrounding attitudes are insufficient to even begin the endeavor.

We must be careful to never ignore the history that precedes us and boastfully tout that we can overcome it. There are just some things that should never be started because they cannot be finished.

And there is nothing worse in life than laying the foundation and being unable to complete the project, leaving behind a constant reminder of egregious stupidity.

Listen carefully. If it doesn’t seem plausible or pleasant…pass.

2. Don’t hurry.

The best way to make sure that you will fail to finish is to hurry and make mistakes that have to be redone, producing the frustration that causes us to want to throw in the towel. Slow down.

I have taught my children that if you find yourself late to an appointment, take your watch off, stop looking at it, set it aside and just realize that you’re going to be a little late–and will be much later if you worry and hurry.

Yes, sometimes in a project you reach a point where it’s not certain you will finish, so the best you can hope for is to pace yourself in a joyous way that allows for the possibility.

3. Don’t quit.

Consider your inventory.

  • Do you have the ingredients?
  • Do you have the time?
  • Do you have the energy?
  • Does the need exist?

Then hang in there.

Oftentimes, assistance arrives when people finally realize that you have no intention of fizzling out.

For after all, why would you give help to someone who is hapless and on the way to defeat? We help people who are working hard.

These are three great ways to finish. You will notice they are absent excuses, completely devoid of self-pity and all the frustration has been ripped from them.

What you have is the decision-making power to begin, pace yourself and stay with it–because who’s to say this project is any less viable than the next one? 

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