It’s Only a Number … February 27, 2012


Intelligence is allowed to be born when we stop complaining, which allows us to start learning, and in the process we gain some contentment free of complacency.  Likewise, growth can be measured when the knowledge we have applied in everyday life becomes wisdom. We gain stature and viability because of our contributions, therefore showing that we have favor with God and man, able to mix the spiritual and the practical at will. This culminates in progress. Purity in heart grants us honest emotion as we begin to hunger and thirst for spirituality instead of merely tolerating it, which sets in motion the renewing of our minds—to challenge outdated ideas as we move towards better health.

I gave you ten items over the past few days which will add up to our I.G.P.—intelligence, growth and progress.

Did you score yourselves? I took the time to do a very general evaluation on the United States of America as I see it through my travels. You, of course, know this is very unscientific and is based on present dealings and not what my hope is for this great nation. That said, let me tell you what I came up with:

1. Under stop complaining, I gave the U.S. a 4. There are still a few souls out there who understand the danger of constant dissatisfaction, but we seem to have a generation—or even two—who have accepted frustration as part of life instead of labeling it “complaining.” 

2. In evaluating whether the country has started learning, I gave it a 6. I believe our nation is susceptible to “mob mentality” and the daily whim of the news cycle. But I must give us credit for escaping the lunacy pretty quickly and moving away from too many insane ideas.

3. Concerning being content but not complacent, I had to give us a 3. The general air of discontent permeates the atmosphere in this country, but rather than stimulating us to change, it tends to cause us to huddle in smaller and smaller units of complacency.

4. Wisdom—5. That seemed safe.

5. Stature—7. I think we’re still respected in the world—unless we decide to start taking on everybody and blowing them up.

6. But in the category of favor with God and man I gave us a 2. Even though we try to pass off arrogance as confidence, the human family on earth knows the difference. For a while, our country needs to stop the boasting and quietly deliver the goods.

Then there’s progress:

7. Pure of heart—I’m sorry. I gave us a 1. We still believe it is necessity to lie and cover-up.

8. Hungering and thirsting for spirituality? How about a 3? But it’s a 3 with a bullet. I am encouraged, however, that the number will be going up.

9. On renewing our minds I gave us a 4. I think there may be the beginnings of understanding that the best way to avoid horrible results is to stop making the same mistakes.

10. And finally, a move towards health — 5. I just sat in front of a McDonald’s restaurant and saw them advertise the calories for an Egg McMuffin. It’s not perfect, but at least we’re thinking.

Total score for America? 40 out of 100.

But that number is useless to you unless I give you a chart and explain where that number lies in the spectrum of possibilities. So here it is:



81 to 100 = Excellent path.

The test confirms what you’ve already discovered to be true. Intelligence breeds growth, which procreates the offspring of progress.

61 to 80=On your way.

You probably have one area that is holding you back. Identify it. Then fine tune your direction and focus on that area—first to comprehend it and then to access a good idea.

 41 to 60=Hapless.

Somewhat undecided about the value of your own input to control your results. You may be a bit overly dependent on circumstances to grant you opportunity. Still, you normally choose life over despair in your daily pursuits.

 21 to 40=Floundering.

Lacking a vision for what specific goals are worthy of your consideration, you tend to find yourself struggling to choose between fads and chasing majority opinion instead of isolating off what is truly important to you.

 Below 20=Don’t be alarmed.

Just understand that many of your choices are being directed by insecurity instead of determination. Start with your heart, move to your soul, refresh your mind and gird up your strength.

Well, there you go. This is just for entertainment and consideration and nothing more.  However, anything that will help us access our intelligence to promote growth so that we can revel in progress is well worth a good look-see.

By the way, my number was 76.


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Sitting One

 I died today. 

I didn’t expect it to happen.  Then again, I did—well, not really.

No, I certainly didn’t expect it.

I’ve had moments of clarity in my life.  Amazingly enough, many of them were in the midst of a dream. For a brief second I would know the meaning of life or the missing treatment to cure cancer.  And then as quickly as it popped into my mind it was gone. I really don’t recollect dying.  Just this unbelievable sense of clear headedness—like walking into a room newly painted and knowing by the odor and brightness that the color on the wall is so splattering new that you should be careful not to touch it for fear of smearing the design. The greatest revelation of all? 

Twenty-five miles in the sky time ceases to exist.

The planet Pluto takes two hundred and forty-eight years to circle the sun. It doesn’t give a damn. 

The day of my death was the day I became free of the only burden I really ever had.  TIME.


Time is fussy.  Time is worry. 

Time is fear.  Time is the culprit causing human-types to recoil from pending generosity. 

There just was never enough time. 

Time would not allow it.  Remember—“if time permits …”

Why if time permits?  Why not if I permit?  Why not if I dream?  Why not if I want?  Why does time get to dictate to me my passage? 

It was time that robbed me of my soulful nature.    It was time that convinced me that my selfishness was needed. 

I didn’t die. The clock in me died, leaving spirit to tick on.  

So why don’t we see the farce of time?  Why do we allow ourselves to fall under the power of the cruel despot?  Yes, time is a relentless master—very little wage for much demand.

I died today. 

Actually … a piece of time named after me was cast away.

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