Good News and Better News… September 11th, 2017

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For the first time in a ten-year stint of writing this column–every single day–yesterday I missed posting.

It wasn’t because I was lazy (though I’m quite acquainted with lethargy.)

It certainly wasn’t because I ran out of ideas. My mind dances its way to the next folly and adventure.

It was because of Hurricane Irma.

Everyone will have a story about the storm, but I will tell you. this is one atmospheric disturbance that absolutely despised Internet. She was like an old grandma walking into your room, finding out that once again you were checking out naughty websites, and it was her duty to unplug you.

So I gave in.

There’s the thought. At what point do we give in? At what juncture does “inconvenience” become “impossible?”

Is there a station in our lives when we’re just being bratty and don’t want to do anything, or is Mother Nature literally “shuttin’ down the show?”

I know there are people who are critical of our generation. I’m sure it goes back to prehistoric times, when the grandparents of the present cave-dwellers complained that their children no longer liked to scrawl pictures on the walls.

Yet, I don’t think the folks living on Earth right now are bad people. With all the cosmic clowns dancing across the Big Top of the present circus, we still have not found anyone as rotten as Attila the Hun or Adolph Hitler.

It is a time to rejoice–not because everything is good, but rather, because the tragedies and disasters that have made their way into our lives have not crumpled us.

We have not given up.

We bought sandbags, purchased too many supplies and hunkered down–to survive the best punch that nature could give us.

We are pretty amazing, in our awkward and redundant way.

So I stopped being a fussy big-butt yesterday and allowed myself to just be another creature of nature, learning to submit to the climate that the heavenly Father had provided.

After all, there’s no such thing as a pleasant complainer and no one has ever given a reward to the “righteous bitcher.”

So the good news is that with the grace of God, a little help from our friends, and the support of the Great Cloud, I will post this to you today.

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Three Ways to Remain Interesting… October 2, 2014

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  • Causer
  • Teller
  • Complainer

We are inundated with people who select one of these three profiles as their contribution and involvement in handling problems.

For after all, some people cause problems. All of us occasionally find ourselves in that position.

Then there are those who think they’re very intelligent by telling people where problems exist, without offering any solution.

Then there’s the complainers. They want utopia and are prepared to sass and fuss their way to get it.

Well, you can see the dilemma. Even though all three of these offerings are common, they are also universally disliked. Yes–we are all guilty of doing things that we cannot tolerate in others.

No one likes anyone who causes problems. Likewise, it’s aggravating to be around people who tell us about problems and offer no solution. And certainly, we want to run out of the room screaming when we hear people complaining.

So how can we remain interesting so that human beings actually want to be around us instead of avoiding us?

1. Be a solver.

Please understand, your solution doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be a willingness to go for resolution instead of maintaining fearful reservations.

2. Be a calmer.

I’ve never seen anything accomplished through strife or vanity. Yes, the correct response to a stormy situation is, “Peace, be still.”

Never be in a hurry and never worry. It is a winning combination.

3. And finally, be a listener.

Even though the human tendency is to have 80% interest in ourselves and 20% in others, you can gain great viability simply by dropping your interest in yourself to 60% and your involvement with others to 40%. I often refer to this as “the second question.” For instance, if somebody tells you he’s going on vacation to the Blue Ridge Mountains, bump up your stock by inquiring, “Sounds great! Why the Blue Ridge Mountains?” Then give him a chance to talk and yourself to listen.

You can continue to be a causer, a teller and a complainer when it comes to the normal trials and tribulation of everyday life, but people will soon lose interest in you. If you want to stay on the front burner of notice and appreciation. the best way to do that is to be a solver, a calmer and a listener.


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