If God Were… August 16, 2013

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corvetteIf God were a car, I think He would be a Corvette Stingray with kid seats in the back and an extra-large trunk.

How about if God were a pizza? He would order the Garden of Eden “special”–many vegetables, extra cheesy, with unleavened crust.

A movie? Forrest Gump meets Edward Scissor Hands, The Empire Strikes Back and Meet John Doe.Edward

If God were a city, He would be the blend of San Diego, Toronto, Chicago, New York City, and Zürich. Perhaps Butte, Montana.

If God were a song He would choose a tongue-in-cheek America Bless God sung by Weird Al Yankovic.

If God were sex, He would be in favor of all of it. (Keep in mind, He came up with the idea.)grand canyon

A church? The Grand Canyon.

Book? I think The Little Engine that Could.

Music? Simple-dimple without a pimple. It would be joyful and noisy.

And finally, if God were a quote, I think He would reach into the works of Will Rogers: “I never met a man I didn’t like.”

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