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G-Pop was considering unusual circumstances.

What would he do if he found himself in a parking lot and a gentleman with a gun ran up, demanded the keys to his van, pushed G-Pop inside, started the vehicle and took off down the road, G-Pop in the passenger seat?

A strange situation–yet it demands more calm than action.

  • Who is the man that’s taking his van?
  • Could he be a policeman commandeering the vehicle?
  • Is he motivated?
  • Is he desperate?
  • Is he of sound mind?

All good questions that need answers before G-Pop would try to struggle with him to take control.

First, there’s a gun involved. Secondly, since the fellow is now in charge of the van and driving, it could be dangerous or lethal to interrupt his process.

People always admire heroics, but the truth of the matter is, lots of heroes die.

G-Pop doesn’t want to die.

G-Pop doesn’t want to be foolish.

G-Pop doesn’t want to make a point just so he can claim bravery.

You see, much of the same situation is facing our nation:

Some think President-elect Donald Trump is crazy.

Some folks believe he’s an economic genius.

There are those who insist he’s a lewd, vulgar predator.

Then you have his supporters, who claim he’s a family man with nothing but good intentions.

All of this debate is useless.

President-elect Trump has the keys. He has the guns at his disposal. He’s in charge.

So what should G-Pop’s approach be?

What should an intelligent American do, given the information we have of an authorized election which established the will of the people?

The same thing you would do if you were in the van being driven down the road.

1. Find your seat.

It is not wise to be stupid.

2. Buckle up.

Just in case this ends up in an accident, it would be a good idea to be protected.

3. Get as comfortable as possible.

The human brain does not work well when it’s festered by confusion.

4. Talk common sense.

Yes, talk to the person who’s driving. Hell, pray for the person who’s driving your van. Let him know who you are, what you feel and why you feel that way.

5. Help if you can.

The last thing in the world you want to do is disrupt someone who may feel intimidated.

6. See if he knows what he’s doing.

If he is a policeman and just needed your van, then everything will probably be alright.

The foolishness of trying to fight against what has transpired instead of finding a way to live our lives in decency and order is not only self-defeating, but contrary to the philosophy of this country.

Every four years we elect a leader. Our leader is Donald John Trump.

Before we become frantic, we should at least see where this is going to take us.

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Once, but not for all … June 14, 2013


jon croppedIt is remarkable that in a society which propagates the need for individuality, we actually end up at the end of all discussions desperately in need of some sort of universality. Yes, human beings require a certain amount of decency and order to move forward or we keep stumbling over the liberty that gives us freedom but denies general progress.

What is difficult about the situation is that some people like fairies and princesses with their stories and other people prefer a plain path. So to come up with a concept, direction or philosophy that is “one size fits all” is virtually impossible–even though to possess some elements that would bring us together more than separate us will certainly be essential to our survival.

That said, would you allow me a few moments here to address the three “big questions?”

  • Who is God?
  • Who are you?
  • And who am I?

If I don’t get these answers in some sort of practical sequence, I can end up thinking that I’m God, or that you should be me or that God needs to be me doing something to you, or you need to be God doing something to me. (That might have been a little confusing, but I think you see what I mean.) Let me venture a theory:

God is truth. So whether that truth is found in science, personal experience, nature or in the faith that we adhere to that bears fruit in our lives, God is at the center of all of it. And to be a truth-seeker is to be willing to submit to the agreement found when nature, science, experience and faith sit down at the conference table together.

Who are you? Best defined to me, you are liberty. As I’ve told you in the past, I can’t judge you, I can’t change you and I can’t ignore you. I’ve been given permission to love you and to grant you the liberty to find your life. Liberty is what introduces chaos into the earth experience–and please don’t try to change God’s mind about free will. He is bound and determined to give human beings the right to liberty–and don’t think for a second that He will allow you to deny it, either.

And who am I? In the process of struggling for my own liberty, I have a responsibility to myself and my fellow-humans to become faith. That’s right–I need to find a substantial hope to pursue every day which produces obvious improvement in me and is uplifting to you.

God is truth, you are liberty, I am faith–and if I have faith in my talents and abilities so that I don’t interfere with your liberty while seeking truth in all aspects of available knowledge, I will find God.

That’s what I believe. That’s what gives freedom to others, a mission to myself (to keep me from being too nosy) and allows God to be intelligent instead of the cranky old man who gets upset if the young people have new-fangled ways.

It’s once, but not for all.

There are those who would much rather believe that their destiny is determined in the heavens rather than accepting the anointed adventure … of bringing heaven down to earth.

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