Three Ways to Deal With Terrorism…February 12, 2015

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Another “them against us” scenario.

Our leaders in Washington, D.C. have us all convinced that “them”– extremists in the Middle East–are out to get “us”–peace-loving Americans.

Even though we should have learned through our history books that the “them against us” mindset only leads to stress and the promotion of bigotry, we perpetuate it because we do not want to be terrorized.

I am convinced that the only way to avoid any evil in life is to make sure that you have not embraced it. The best way for us to fight terrorism in the Middle East is to remove the terror from our own lives and use success and prosperity as our best revenge.

How can you deal with terrorism?

1. Find terror in your own heart and disarm it.

The most obvious plague that terrorizes us as human beings is complaining. Once we allow griping to come into our lives, we are unsettled, unprepared and basically unaware of how we can resolve our situations. After all, why make a plan if you can simply complain about the circumstances that warrant it?

Why do these extremists in the Middle East murder and create mayhem? Because they follow a religious approach that allows them to complain about their lives, leaving them unwilling to accept the diversity of others.

2. Find terror in your family and address it.

Once you’ve taken the time to get rid of complaining, then you should turn to your own household and find out where terror is lurking. I am convinced this is mediocrity. Once we start settling for second-best, or even third-runner-up, we build up a series of unresolved problems which eventually slap us in the head.

If your son’s job is to take out the garbage, stop begging and complaining about it. Shut off all food and media–and pretty soon the garbage will be taken out. Mediocre breeds more mediocre, which eventually births disaster.

3. Find terror in your community and question it.

I’ll tell you what’s terrorizing American society today: gossip.

Our preoccupation for judging other people’s lives has led to bullying, crime, judgment and alienation. If you have an opinion on somebody else and you’re not willing to share it with him or her, it’s gossip. Even if you say you’re only sharing it because you want to ask for prayer, it’s gossip–and gossip is a greater terrorist threat to this country than any Middle Eastern suicide bomber.

If you will deal with the terrorism that exists in your own surroundings, you will send this message to those twisted souls who are determined to hurt other people:

  • We are not going to complain
  • We are not going to settle for the mediocre
  • And by the grace of God, we refuse to batter one another with gossip.

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