PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … January 14, 2015

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Pohymn January 14

As Thyself

I want to be seen and heard

I bet you do, too

I want to be forgiven

Look at you–nodding your head

I want to laugh at my mistakes

Can we chuckle together?

I want to discover ways we are similar

Do you agree?

I want to learn to do better

Do you think about your better?

I want to consider the lily without being flowery

Noses to roses

I want my belief to show on my face

Shall we declare a war on frowns?

I want to be simple

Come, untangle the web

I do love you as I love myself

I just don’t love myself very well

I do believe in heaven

The kind that chases away the hell

I shall pursue mercy

So it’s easier for you to grant me the same

While I am learning to live to give

I have decided to give to live

For it doesn’t take the whole world

To change the earth, you see

Just a heart that includes one other

Beating inside you and me.

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Tulip Tip-Toeing… January 6, 2014

Jonathots Daily Blog


Adam tulipsGod, sex, food and money: the four subjects which intersect every human life nearly every day.

Since they are so prevalent, it might be a good idea to determine our approach instead of trying to tip-toe around the issues so as not to bruise the “flowery statements.”

The reason I mention this is that most people try to apply some form of worship to this quartet of adventures. They, of course, feel it is necessary to worship God, who they believe tells them to revere sex and offer great gratitude for bounty over food, and they believe that all finance is divinely distributed.

The trouble is, if you worship these four hallmarks of tradition, you never grasp their value or acquire the skill to maneuver your way among the many possibilities and drawbacks.

It’s why, in the Good Book, Jesus said that all worship should be “in spirit and truth”–spirit in the sense that “I believe there is something greater than me,” and truth in that it is my responsibility to find a practical way to apply what I discover in my daily life.

So worship is looking skyward and walking earthly.

  • So the worship of God is that I honor my Creator by recognizing the systems, ideas and goals He has presented, to make this whole process work.
  • When it comes to sex, I find spirit by understanding how amazing and magnificent it is, but then, instead of boasting or pretending, I find where this gift fits into my life in the most positive sense.
  • Likewise with food–I don’t understand how wheat grows, but it is my job to ascertain if I need to be “gluten-free.”
  • And money, one of the more elusive aspects of most people’s lives, is available to the souls who cease lusting for it, but instead find a way to romance it their way.

We’re doing too much tulip tip-toeing because we’re afraid of messing up the garden.

As a result, God has become religious, sex has become dirty, food has become dangerous and money has become greed.

We can do better than this.

Start today:

  1. I worship God by believing He’s my Creator, but finding a way to be creative myself.
  2. I worship sex by realizing how truly amazing it is and finding someone I love to share it with in the greatest format of intimacy.
  3. I worship food by finding those nutrients that make my body feel outstanding.
  4. And I worship money by determining that it is a by-product of effort and good budgeting, and by having respect for the power of giving.

I, for one, would like to stop tip-toeing through the tulips, but instead, like Adam and Eve, walk boldly through the Garden … knowing that I am meant to be there.


The producers of jonathots would humbly request a yearly subscription donation of $10 for this wonderful, inspirational opportunity

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