PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … July 27th, 2016

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PoHymn Crying


I am a voice crying in the wilderness

My throat is parched from screaming the need

Excuse me, sir, can you take a moment’s thought

To wonder why the Earth won’t move?


Flowers in the spring dare to bloom in front of us

Deserts of dreams simply blow away

A smile on the street seems to be suspicious

Churches that pray never seize the day


Come with me

(we’re too busy)

I have life

(so do we)

Where’s your joy?

(nothing’s funny)

Deal with me

(we have bigger barns to build)


I am the voice pleading in the land of less

We pan for gold in fields of debris

We seek for truth and draw swords of selfishness

We bless a lie and curse the truth


Come, won’t you join me in Jordan’s waters?

Cleansing the soul which has lost its feel

Tumbling the dice as you kneel before us

Casting your lot through the holy meal


Festering frightened

Ever enlightened

Joyfully jumbled

Wistfully humbled


I’m the voice


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I’m Man, Y’all … August 3, 2013

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 big herculesThe Greeks had a problem.

It wasn’t just because their country was named Greece and sounded oily and fattening. No, they had a religion with many gods perched on Mt. Olympus, who sat around eating and drinking all day and had no connection with the mortals beneath.

So they needed an emissary. Yes, they needed the gods to come down and mate with humans, creating fantastic heroes who were divinely inspired but humanly flawed.

Thus, Hercules.

He solved their theological difficulty–because the truth is, God works as a concept but not very well as a plan of action.

When you try to apply eternity, divinity, supernatural powers and universal concerns into the small cranial space available in the human body, we become more baffled than inspired.

We’re human. We understand human things. When we try to comprehend heavenly things, we tend to become more bizarre than blessed.

That’s the power of Jesus. Jesus is our Hercules. But unlike Hercules, he didn’t cheat by bringing any of the divine attributes into his lifespan. He was tempted like we are, he was human like we are and he was completely at the mercy of learning obedience through the things he suffered.Immaneul Lutheran

As I head off tonight to Immanuel Lutheran in Suttons Bay, Michigan, I am struck by that word in the title of their name–Immanuel.

I’m man, y’all.

It means that God is with us–but not just with us. God is IN us. That’s why Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God is within.

And also, God becomes us. Yes, without us using our human experience to manifest the message of the immortal, it becomes a fairy tale instead of a well-delivered book report.

Jesus was energized by the Spirit and worked with others. That’s what I need to be, too. That’s what I’m going to tell them at Immanuel Lutheran Church–that we need to be humans energized by great spirit, daring to work with others.

  • Some people want to make Jesus Jewish.
  • Some people want to make him a trouble-maker, an enemy of Rome.
  • There is certainly a contingency that would insist he was a hippie.
  • How about a Republican or a Democrat?
  • A conservative or a liberal?

Most people find their pet project and hope that Jesus will write them a letter of recommendation. Jesus was much simpler than that. Jesus was a human being who found the spirit of God inside himself, and once he learned to recognize it, he made it his mission to seek it out in others.

We could use more of that.

I come to Northern Michigan neither as divine nor merely human. Spirit and experience have given me a message and my body has established my limitations. I am humbled and energized simultaneously.

I’m man, y’all.

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Humbled, Aware, Empowered … September 7, 2012



Humbled by the beauty of our nation

Aware that beauty is only skin deep

Empowered to find the heart and soul of my countrymen

Humbled by the generosity of my new friends

Aware of the responsibility of their faith in me

Empowered by the uplift and confidence it provides

Humbled by the need around me

Aware of what I can do

Empowered to go ahead and do it

Humbled by the grace of grace

Aware that grace is given to the humble

Empowered to embrace productive humility

Humbled by my weakness

Aware of my gifts

Empowered by the balance granted me by my Creator

Humbled by the overwhelming need

Aware of the needs already met

Empowered to continue to pursue meeting needs

Humbled by fatherhood

Aware of the requirement for my children’s independence

Empowered to see them do greater things than me

Humbled by failure

Aware of teeming progress

Empowered by promising opportunity

Humbled by what I create

Aware that it was birthed through adversity

Empowered to persevere

Humbled by tomorrow

Aware of today

Empowered by yesterday

Or sometimes …

Humbled by yesterday

Aware of tomorrow

Empowered by today

Humbled, aware, empowered:

  • The balance of power for this important hour.

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