G-13: Contented or Complacent? … February 28, 2014

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Contented is having the peace of mind to pursue greater things.hammock

Complacent is thinking that peace of mind is the greatest thing.

Contented is arriving at a goal and noticing that the road continues.

Complacent is the belief that the road ends with the latest goal.

Contented is being grateful for the next challenge as you celebrate the present victory.

Complacent is deciding that the present victory grants permission to languish in gratitude.

Contented is finding your footing and looking out to help those who are still slipping.

Complacent is being satisfied with personal safety.

Contented is having good cheer without always being happy.

Complacent is demanding happiness before having good cheer.

Contented is seeking God.

Complacent is loving God.

Contented is a stop-off to glory.

Complacent is finding glory in the stop-off.

We are not meant to be satisfied. We gain satisfaction with each new, meaningful encounter.

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