Charles in Charge … April 14, 2014

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Can one man make a difference? So as not to be sexist, can one woman do the same?image

It’s one of those classic questions intended to be thought-provoking but ends up coming off rhetorical.

Somewhere along the line we have ceased to believe in the power of a voice crying in the wilderness. We favor coalitions, parties, denominations, corporations and plurality of polls.

His name is Charles. Not  Charlie. That would be too flimsy. Certainly not Chaz. Much too quirky.

He lives in Paonia, Colorado. If you don’t know where that is, you would find yourself in one of those socially comfortable majorities.

Charles invited Janet and myself to Paonia to share our life, heart and talents. This was several months ago. Although we were appreciative of the interest, a quick glance at the map showed us that Paonia was not near anywhere, and therefore not in the direct line of any future tour.

Thinking we were being kind, we just ignored the invitation. But you see, Charles was determined. So he contacted us again. People who take a second crack are rare in our split-second gratification society.

But once again, we just chose to ignore the kind gesture.

Then we found ourselves in Arizona. Our next real plan of action was to be in the Midwest, which either meant to take a southerly route or to go north and then east.

Charles came to mind.

Even though to journey in his direction was still impractical, it sniffed of an adventure.

So this weekend an unlikely destination for an unsuspecting pair of travelers ended up joining forces for a blessed excursion in the throne room of faith.

Even as it was transpiring,  my thoughts drifted to Charles and his determination.

Some really neat things happened on Saturday and Sunday.

Some lasting connections.

Some ideas were exchanged and some giggles passed around.

It was all set in motion by one man.

Yes, one fellow who wanted to try something for his small town–and persisted.

I am a better man for having experienced the soul of Paonia, Colorado.

And I close out my stay by praying that God will send a whole new crop of people like Charles, who will take charge of something they envision and stay with it until the power of their dream rolls up to the front door.


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