G-Poppers … May 22nd, 2015

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G-Pop scoured his memory.

His oldest son had asked him what he thought about David Letterman retiring. G-Pop was trying to remember a quote he believed to be from Cher. Yes, he was pretty sure that Cher was the one who referred to David Letterman as “an asshole.”

It was a pretty strong conclusion.

Actually, Letterman was not an asshole–he was a smartass. A smartass is someone who is so insecure about being dumb that he will act like an ass to prove he’s smart.

Yeah, that pretty well sums up David Letterman in his early years.

The trouble with a smartass is that he may accidentally end up conveying a jaded or negative approach about life around him. He believes that profile to be the definition of humor.

Time marches on.

Yes, some pain entered the life of David Letterman:

  • There was the pain he saw of 9/11.
  • There was the pain he inflicted with a sexual scandal with staffers.
  • And there was the pain he felt when he was confronted with heart problems and had to have bypass surgery.

When you come out of the pain, you want to stop the pain. You don’t want to be the cause ever again.

David Letterman became more comical as he got older. But when he lost a little bit of his “asshole,” he also dropped in the ratings, proudly ending up in the trailing position of three late-night hosts.

But he learned. Humor is pain diverted. Diverted where?

To a common human understanding.

To comprehend David Letterman, you had to be willing to be silly. You had to cast sophistication to the side in favor of sheer joy.

Because silly is where mature people go to laugh at the pain. 

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