PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant… February 25, 2015


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Pohymn Feb 25


Every fall comes from a trip

All my trips happen in the Fall

Laughter is a medicine

I am medically cleared to laugh

Ask and it shall be given

‘Tis a given that I will ask

God bless America, my home

Home is when America is a blessing for God

Cross that bridge when I get to it

Getting to the bridge is often the cross I get

I fell in love

Love fell on me

In the beginning, God created

Creating a beginning is God

Coming to my senses

My coming is sensible

All men are created equal

Equal men are all created

Don’t give up the fight

The fight is, don’t give up

Save myself for the right person

The right person helps me save myself

Terrorism kills people

Real people kill terrorism

For God so loved the world

The world loved … and there was God 


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