PoHymn… January 21, 2015

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pohymn jan 21

Taking What They Gave

I was born in late December

Very young, but don’t remember

I grew up in small town digs

Only twelve for my first gigs

I never knew people of hue

Robbed of a differing view

So I preached a message of their design

Learned the ways and toed the line

‘Til lust led me to love

A divine push giving a shove

To look beyond my village scape

Write, record, share the tape

And find where I belong

Add some heart to my song

Denied by those who gave me birth

Forced to journey across the earth

To ask, hoping to receive

To seek, yearning to relieve

So knocking could open an unseen door

And blessing my way, could aid the poor

Now to be just as I am

Without one plea, a tinkered dam

And laugh my way to newness of life

Surviving the day

With all of its strife

For without the pain

I grow insane

And absent good cheer

Nothing seems clear

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