Cracked 5 … March 27th, 2018

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Other Meanings for the Phrase “March Madness”

A.  A growing anger over Nor’easter snow storms


B.  The frustration felt by raw recruits during basic training


C.  Hearing too much John Phillips Sousa in a five-day span


D.  Religious leaders killing off a loving messenger of healing


E.  A decision to trudge along with the depressed masses toward insanity 

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Cracked 5 … February 28th, 2017


 Jonathots Daily Blog


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Things a 6-Year-Old Kid Thinks That March Madness Might Be

A. Darlene thinks March Madness is Mommy screaming while she cleans the house


B. Brendan envisions it as really angry little boys tramping in the hallway


C. Julie just assumes it means that March is the “angry month.”


D. Lily is convinced that March Madness is an aunt who has come to visit, who cries a lot because she was just divorced from an a-hole


E. Marco thinks it must be a crazy, wacky salute to John Phillip Sousa, who thought Stars and Stripes were forever



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