G-Poppers … December 9th, 2016

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Facebook is actually rather faceless.

Church has become more worship than fellowship.

Politics is about winning instead of communicating.

Concerts are darkened halls, where only the stage is lit up.

G-Pop contends that we’ve lost something. Maybe we’ve sacrificed it. Maybe it was taken away from us to promote corporate profit. Who knows?

But somewhere along the line, the ability to sit down with another human being, share a sandwich and let the small talk grow until it’s big has been lost.

During G-Pop’s holiday time, he has sought out occasions to be with individuals or tiny handfuls of people who use the instigation of a little bit of food to create great thought. The process is so precious and free of complexity that we’ve abandoned it in this era of prideful over-dramatic expressions.

Here’s how it works:

1. Convene.

Find a location that doesn’t need your attention, which can be a catalyst for dialogue.

2. Converse.

Yes, talk. It doesn’t have to be deep, but it will become meaningful because we quickly run out of foolishness and begin to favor some heart.

3. Connect.

Find reasons to listen which will lead to opportunities to agree. Take the agreement and build on it.

It’s time to realize that stuffing twenty thousand people in a building is not a movement–it’s a rally.

G-Pop wants you to know that a movement occurs when a convening of souls leads to a great conversation, which is truly satisfied as we connect.


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G-Poppers … November 25th, 2016

 Jonathots Daily Blog


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G-Pop would like to take this morning just to establish that human beings are human.

Although the concept may seem to be a given, religion turns us into sinners who are transformed to saints; politics insist we are a “movement,” and entertainment proclaims that we are of value simply because we are born.

Life on Earth is much easier when you realize how to deal with its major inhabitants–at least those who have brain power beyond raiding a picnic or grazing in a pasture.

There are two things to learn about people, and if you choose to educate yourself, you become much better at loving others and happier on your path:

1. Human beings are always spontaneously selfish.

If the moment’s whim intrigues them, they will chase it like a puppy dog trailing a sausage. Even if they’re working on something else or committed to achieving a goal, an immediate opportunity will rob their attention span and take them off on a chicken track of “clucking things up.”

Don’t be critical.

Just realize the same attitude dwells in you. Then you can assist others by limiting distractions and understanding that they will be slowed down by the ones you were unable to prohibit.

2. Human beings are only obliquely aware.

When we report a tragedy in a foreign land, the tendency is to only tally the deaths of the Americans. We want to be better than this; we want to pretend we give a damn, but the more the degrees of separation diverge from our own household of concern, the less chance we have of focusing compassion.

Therefore it is important to make it clear to everyone you wish to motivate that the available situation does improve their personal space.

Now, before pouncing on G-Pop and saying that he is overly simplistic or cynical, realize that God, Himself, feels the need to offer eternal life to keep us interested in our present one.

God also teases us with the possibility of being “given to” as a by-product of giving.

And God certainly offers rewards for good behavior.

We are human.

We are spontaneously selfish and obliquely aware.

So even when we’re altruistic, we still need a payoff. Stop asking humans to be either devils or angels. Those jobs are filled.

G-Pop wants you to know that God is madly in love with the unpredictable nature of the human heart, because He is fully cognizant that when we actually create, generate and innovate, it is definitely an action of masterful purpose.

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An advent calendar of stories, designed to enchant readers of all ages

“Quite literally the best Christmas stories I have ever read.” — Arthur Holland, Shelby, North Carolina

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Three Ways to Find Yourself… November 13, 2014

 Jonathots Daily Blog


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Even though there are individuals who contend that we’re better off losing ourselves to either religion or a noble cause, what you end up with is an army of souls possessing no map. So even if you fortify them with self-confidence and knowledge, they still have no internal compass as to where to go or determination to press on.

All of us must find ourselves.

If we don’t, we become too disappointed over the success of others or too jubilant over minor improvements which don’t have lasting quality.

If you’re going to find yourself:

1. Set aside all expectations placed upon you by others.

From the time you were a small child, you were informed, instructed and even invigorated to pursue certain activities because some relative, teacher or minister believed that you were “born to be some profession.”

These voices haunt us.

They especially spook us during times that we feel we have failed at our present exploits and may have missed our destiny.

There is one voice you should listen to, and it is the still, small one inside your own soul, speaking the wisdom set aside for you and you, alone.

2. Start doing what can be done in the moment, using good cheer.

You don’t save the good china for special occasions. There’s no guarantee that any of us will ever reach the pinnacles we envision. So we might as well enjoy the plateaus by giving our very best and making sure That we’re overjoyed to still be in the hunt.

I’m not so sure there is anything such as “a big break.” But if one does afford itself our way, it will certainly be a surprise, catching us off-guard and we’d better be doing our top-dollar work when it intrudes our direction.

3. Start looking for movement, not approval.

We would all be astounded at how many times people’s praise will take us in the wrong direction, simply because they’re trying to gently nudge us into doing their will.

If you are dependent on people’s appreciation and vote of confidence in order to function in your journey toward excellence, you will certainly stall in some quagmire of mediocrity.

There will be movement.

If you’re heading in the right direction, doing what you want to do and keeping a good sense of humor along the way, a glimmer of light will twinkle in the foreground and inspire you onward.

You and I can only ultimately please others and God by finding ourselves.

Denying yourself is not ignoring your heart’s desire–it’s refusing to believe that what others desire for you has come from your heart.

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The Sermon on the Mount in music and story. Click the mountain!


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Day One — Make a Meaningful Mess … February 15, 2012

Life is not about painting the Mona Lisa. Our human journey more resembles a game of Pictionary–we grab a crayon,  a piece of paper and we scrawl out our best representation of who we are, what we want and where we’re going, trying to get people to understand our heart’s desire. If you’re going to create a masterpiece like the Mona Lisa, you’re going to have to draw an awful lot of stick figures first.
I find it so amusing when people tell me that God doesn’t make any messes. Right there in the first two verses of the Bible, it says that God “created the heavens and the earth”–and right after He did that, in come the reviews:
“The earth was without form.”
“The earth was void.”
“Darkness was upon the face of the deep.”
Let’s sum up all of these comments. In other words, the earth was a misshapen orb which was basically useless but so dark that you couldn’t see anyway. Folks, I wouldn’t call that “perfect.”
We make a mistake by thinking that God wants things to be perfect, when the Bible makes it clear that God is creative and His heart is to perfect His handiwork. We, unfortunately, are the arrogant ones who don’t want to do anything unless we can do it top-dollar, top-notch, top-of-the-line or top-shelf. So instead of pursuing a representation of our heart’s dream, we would rather languish in discouragement over never having achieved our goals. Discouragement may be the only human emotion that causes us to freeze in our present status–and also makes us negative and pessimistic to those around us.
The key in life is to make a meaningful mess. It’s what God did when He created the earth. It wasn’t great, but it was begun. Let’s look at the three reasons why people don’t pursue their particular vision for their own lives:
1. “I don’t know where to begin.” Some people can talk hours about what they wish they could do, only to walk away and perform nothing that resembles their conversation. You know the interesting thing? When you say you don’t know where to begin, you don’t actually ever have to do anything. You can just pretend that if you’d had the opportunity, things would have been different. And I will tell you bluntly that “pretend” is the opposite of spirituality. To be spiritual is to stop all pretense and bring what you have–and try to make a meaningful mess.
2. “What will people think?” I’ll tell you what people will think. If what you present is different, they won’t like it at first. But if you don’t present anything, you will never know their comments, learn from good critique and perfect your mess. To be concerned about human reaction is a cop-out. We know what our friends are going to be like. Everybody wants everybody to stay the same so nobody has to feel the pressure to become different. Yet if we all stay in our present status, we’re going to continue to get the same results.
3. “What then?”  Yes–if I step out of my fear and make a meaningful mess, people can see what I envision, they give their comments, and after 24 hours, all of the energy and enthusiasm dies down. Then, what can I expect to be the next course of action? Who knows? That’s the truth. So the issue really becomes whether you want to be frustrated because you never did anything or whether you’d rather burn your frustration on what to do next. At least with the latter, you have evidence that the capability to make something exists within you.
It doesn’t matter WHAT we’re talking about. Maybe you want to start your own business. Perhaps publish a book of poetry. Maybe you’ve collected hundreds of recipes you’d like to share with others. Could be you want to found your own bowling league. Maybe you like to sew or knit hats. Maybe you would like to start a website for people who like to hunt. Everyone, no matter what their goal, suffers from the same questions: “I don’t know where to begin,” “what will people think?” and “if I do something, what then?”
Can you imagine if God (whoever He was without a universe and an earth) had just stayed in his spiritual closet somewhere and refused to step out and manifest His personality into a tangible world? Because an idea is just a “holy spook” until we give it breath and let it come to life.
So what are the three things we can do to overcome our insecurity and trepidation?
1. Start. Make a meaningful mess. Take what is available to you with what is around you and give the world a visual of what you dream to do or be. Remember Pictionary? You don’t become Leonardo da Vinci until you’ve drawn a thousand stupid-looking cartoons.
2. Listen. Not all criticism is valuable. But any criticism that begins with, “You know, I kind of like it” or “I get where you’re going, but …” you should listen to. Anybody who begins by finding the good in what you’re doing may have a very valuable point on how to improve your product.
3. And finally,  always move towards the movement. One of the most difficult things for human beings to understand is that long before you can make a living wage at your dream, you have to create a market by giving away your ability. People will often come up to my book table and ask me how I can afford to offer my products so inexpensively, when CDs, movies and books in stores are so high-priced. I just smile and tell them I’m glad to give them a good deal. But the truth of the matter is, my CD is not worth as much as Lady Gaga’s–because I’m not Lady Gaga. It may be made out of the same material, be the same size and cost the same to produce, but until the person who purchases my CD thinks it’s going to be of value to his or her life, my CD, book or movie is worthless. Find out where there’s movement and move towards it, being fully aware that at first you may have to give away some of your time and talent to get people fully cognizant of its potential.
So, if we’re beginning a Day One of truly putting bones and flesh on the spirit of an idea, we’ve got to be willing to make a meaningful mess. To do this, we need to make a start, listen to our good critics and move towards the movement.
Then we will be ready for Day Two…

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Sitting One

 I died today. 

I didn’t expect it to happen.  Then again, I did—well, not really.

No, I certainly didn’t expect it.

I’ve had moments of clarity in my life.  Amazingly enough, many of them were in the midst of a dream. For a brief second I would know the meaning of life or the missing treatment to cure cancer.  And then as quickly as it popped into my mind it was gone. I really don’t recollect dying.  Just this unbelievable sense of clear headedness—like walking into a room newly painted and knowing by the odor and brightness that the color on the wall is so splattering new that you should be careful not to touch it for fear of smearing the design. The greatest revelation of all? 

Twenty-five miles in the sky time ceases to exist.

The planet Pluto takes two hundred and forty-eight years to circle the sun. It doesn’t give a damn. 

The day of my death was the day I became free of the only burden I really ever had.  TIME.


Time is fussy.  Time is worry. 

Time is fear.  Time is the culprit causing human-types to recoil from pending generosity. 

There just was never enough time. 

Time would not allow it.  Remember—“if time permits …”

Why if time permits?  Why not if I permit?  Why not if I dream?  Why not if I want?  Why does time get to dictate to me my passage? 

It was time that robbed me of my soulful nature.    It was time that convinced me that my selfishness was needed. 

I didn’t die. The clock in me died, leaving spirit to tick on.  

So why don’t we see the farce of time?  Why do we allow ourselves to fall under the power of the cruel despot?  Yes, time is a relentless master—very little wage for much demand.

I died today. 

Actually … a piece of time named after me was cast away.

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