Three Ways To Break a Curse… February 19, 2015

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I curse people.

People curse me.

Unfortunately, we curse each other.

This lends itself to a reaction. For after all, for every action there is a reaction. The reaction often triggers people to perform what they would normally deem to be unwanted behavior. Let’s take a look at how this works:

“You’re stupid.”

A curse that leads to the reaction, “I must prove I’m smart.”

“Damn you.”

“I must find a way to hurt you back.”

“I hate you.”

“Then I hate you, too.”

“You are no good.”

“I must show off my righteousness.”

“You are a loser.”

“I must disguise my efforts.”

Unless you reverse a curse, it always makes things worse.

When you find yourself under unusual scrutiny or criticism from others, remember the following three things:

1. Don’t deny nor defend your past.

It’s a waste of time. History is written in memories. Trying to change memories is fruitless.

2. Don’t spend too much time sharing future plans.

Your dreams are always impossible to other people’s ears. You can not convince them that you have a great idea because they’re too busy with their own ideas. If you insist on talking too much you will have too much to prove.

3. Give yourself a daily focus.

Multi-tasking doesn’t work. As we need to be given daily bread, we also need to grant ourselves a simple daily focus which can be understood, pursued and achieved.

I am convinced that if you take fourteen days and stay away from your past, stop touting your aspirations for the future and focus on a single event every day, you can break all the curses that have been levied against you by the critical mob.

Cursing may be something truly evil, but as long as human beings fail to look to their own hearts and instead, try to change everyone around them, these barbs will come our way.

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Two Busy People… March 5, 2013


black vanOn Mondays, I stop being Batman.

Well, actually, I’m never Batman, but I do use Monday mornings to leave my cave, buy a box of cereal and wash out my super-underwear. I guess what I become is “Bitman“–a bit of this and a bit of that.

Yesterday was no exception. Well, there was ONE unique aspect to it. We were running just a little bit later than usual and had a deadline of 11:30 A. M. for Janet to do a radio interview. So perhaps there was a bit more “hurry” in our steps.

We had finished all of our activities and were heading back to our lodging, deeply engrossed in conversation, feeling pretty good about our progress and enjoying a sunshine-filled day in Houston, Texas. Cruising through a green light at about forty miles per hour, I suddenly viewed a pickup truck, making a right turn on red, completely and totally oblivious to my presence.

Even though it all happened in a split second, I could see inside his cab and realize that he was turned to his right, involved in an animated conversation with a woman next to him. I had no time to think–no time to slam on the brakes. I had to rely completely on reflexes.

But the problem is, reflexes are often hampered by exhaustion, exasperation or especially, the sense of being busy or in a hurry. I took a quick peek in my left mirror and saw that God had granted me a free lane. I swerved into it, barely missing the truck and scooting by him in a breath of time–on down the road.

I do not know if he ever saw me. He obviously was in a hurry and had forgotten to take note of oncoming traffic.He was seconds from being plowed into by a three-ton black van. The situation was out of his control, and his life and vehicle, for that moment, were placed in my hands.

I didn’t honk at him. I didn’t shake my fist. I didn’t stop and ask him why he was so careless. I rolled on.

I was so grateful that I was not on my way to a hospital and thankful that I did not have to call insurance agent and talk about repairs. Mostly, I was glad that God has granted me the serenity and teeny-weeny bit of wisdom to know three important things:

1. Find out what you can do and relax in it. I don’t know why people worry. You can’t do more than you can do anyway, can you?

2. While you’re doing it, stay focused on what you’re doing. Multi-tasking is a great way to plan your own defeat.

3. If you’ve got an extra moment, watch out for the other guy. Maybe he hasn’t learned the first two points. Maybe he deserves a break. Maybe next time … it’ll be you.

So in this world where we all think we’re so busy, let us temporarily escape the mantra of reciting our crowded schedule and remember these three points. It’s so much more relieving.
Actually, it’s a great way to remain accident-free.

The producers of jonathots would humbly request a yearly subscription donation of $10 for this wonderful, inspirational opportunity

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