1 Thing That Gives People Permission to Respect You


Confidence is humility with a provable resume.

Many times when I listen to political candidates struggle to make a case, their speeches are filled with “I did this” and “I did that” and “I passed this” and “I promoted that” and “I was the first one” or “I was the last one.”

Very few things in our lives are accomplished without the generosity of outside influence.

I learned early in my career that I write the song, but he signs it, she records it, we promote it and they buy it.

It leaves very little room for conceit.

This is a good thing.

Because being sure of your own ability only causes others to privately and quietly root against you.

Yes, I do it.

I see some athlete or popular artist brag about their accomplishments and I immediately want to see them fall on their faces.

Shame on me. Yet, I don’t think I’m alone. Considering the fact that the human race mostly admires those who are members of the band, instead of those on a street corner blowing their own horn, we should learn the power of humility.

Humility does not diminish your worth.

On the other hand, confidence that ends up being false makes you look like a fool.

Humility does not diminish your opportunity.

Yet confidence that cannot follow through and deliver thrusts you to the back of the line.

Humility just walks around carrying a provable resume in its briefcase.

Then, when opportunity decides where to knock, confidence is prepared to demonstrate its wares, pass the audition, or if necessary, open the briefcase and display the evidence.

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The Alphabet of Us: O is for Opportunity … March 16, 2015

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All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

  • Opportunity doesn’t knock. It walks by at a brisk pace, and if you’re sitting on your laurels, you’re bound to miss it.
  • Opportunity has a momentum–and if you’re not in movement, you probably won’t catch up with the motion.
  • Let me put it this way–opportunity is not provided; it comes to those who position themselves at the right place and patiently wait for the right time.

It appears in three forms, you know: there’s yesterday’s opportunity, today’s and that elusive tomorrow.

Successful people learn quickly that yesterday’s opportunities are a chance for us to take inventory of what we learned and what needs burned. After all, that’s life. If you’re intelligent, you learn from your opportunities, and you burn everything that didn’t work.

Today’s opportunity is a situation where we need to take our time. Don’t be in a hurry. I love the old formula: “Ready, aim, fire!”

That’s what we should do with today’s opportunity–ready ourselves, find out what our aim is and then fire off our best talent in that direction.

And for tomorrow’s opportunity? We should take no thought. Wondering, wishing and praying are ineffective ways to be fruitful on Planet Earth. So looking at the human family, what is our best approach concerning the institution of opportunity?

1. Stop chasing what you want and start working with what’s provided.

Dreams are best utilized during sleep, not wasting our time squandering the moment.

2. Don’t expect to do well. Just be glad for any chance to do.

People get too worried about what’s going to happen or how proficient they will be when opportunity arrives. Don’t sweat it. Human life is a learning curve–otherwise we would be born potty-trained.

3. Look for the next crack in the door.

We often pass over the little fish while we’re trying to capture the shark. But truthfully, in the world of the ocean, if you hang around the little fish the sharks will eventually show up because that’s what they eat.

Human beings can’t survive without opportunity … but they can be happy, joyous and fulfilled while they’re waiting for it to come their way.

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