Cracked 5 … April 12th, 2016

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Ingredients That Should Not Be Put On a Pizza, Even if You’re Trying to Go For Something Really Far Out

A. Vanilla wafers


B. Canned tuna in oil


C. M & M’s (just the blue ones)


D. Raw oysters on the half shell


E. Sliced and diced banana peel

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Ask Jonathots … October 1st, 2015

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I began a new job three months ago and am enjoying it thoroughly. I am part of a group of ten, and several of them profess to be atheists. It comes up mostly by way of them making jokes about the stupidity of people who believe in God, or people on the “Christian right.” I am a Christian. I would like to be a good representative of Jesus, who represented himself so well. So far, I must admit, I have been a chicken–not even revealing that “I go to church.” Frankly, I don’t want “church” to be a picture of my faith nor wait until someone is in a crisis. Help!


If you ask ten different people what pizza is, you will more than likely get ten different answers. So you intelligently learn not to ask too many questions, but instead, just enjoy pizza.

But pizza really is not complicated. It’s not about the toppings. Good pizza always begins with a delicious crust and a savory sauce.

If the crust and the sauce are crappy, the toppings can’t do much to save it. The crust should be able to stand on its own as delectable and the sauce should be full-bodied–something you would be willing to eat with a spoon.

If your crust and your sauce are right-on, the toppings are only a blessing to your taste.

So pizza is like God.

If you don’t get the crust of God correct and add the right sauce of spirituality, it’s crummy.

That’s the case that atheists make.  Crummy God.

  • You are not supposed to defend God.
  • You are not supposed to defend your faith.
  • You are supposed to have a life that is filled with such good works that people notice and then it affords you a chance to explain where you got such good “crust and sauce.”

This is how Jesus represented God.

So let me draw the parallels. There are two things that make “good God:”

The crust of our faith–God is our Father.

The sauce–Jesus is our life coach.

There’s your crust and your sauce. “God is my Father, Jesus is my life coach.”

So whatever toppings you add above that are just preference.

  • Maybe you like guitar music.
  • Maybe you enjoy communion.
  • Maybe you think going to church twice a month is enough.

Who cares?

This will also keeps you out of religious discussions, which are futile.

In sharing this simple “crust and sauce” philosophy, you generate a climate where people can come and talk to you without feeling they’re going to have to escape your religiosity.

Pizza is all based on the crust and the sauce. The toppings are to taste.

But if the crust and sauce are not good, you will soon grow tired of eating it, no matter how much you heap above.


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