The Alphabet of Us: H is for Humility… January 26, 2015

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All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

About every twenty years, we seem to scrounge around for the most pleasant-sounding, misguided idea to push to the forefront as the latest salvation for the human race.

The present holy commandment is “self-esteem.”

Matter of fact, if you want to get applause, all you have to do is proclaim, “I have been redeemed because now I believe in myself.”

By the way, any variation from this doctrine is viewed evil incarnate. Here’s the problem.

  • Life doesn’t care what you think about yourself.
  • Life is not impressed that you had a real good “talking to yourself” in the mirror this morning, and you’re prepared to take on the day.
  • Life is just life–rain on us all, sunshine on us all.

So if you continue to follow the cavalcade of self-esteem, you will have many occasions when your hopes are dashed and you end up in a heap of disappointment. And I will tell you–human beings are virtually incapable of pulling themselves out of disappointment.

Humility is the answer. So first, let us clarify what humility is not:

  1. It is not pretending to be inept.
  2. It is not denying your gift.
  3. It is not hiding in the shadows hoping that someone recognizes you.
  4. It is not self-sacrifice by giving the glory to other people.
  5. It is not retiring and hoping that somebody else takes the torch.

Humility is a four-step process which provides both motivation and mission, which are the ingredients that blend together to form true self-esteem:

A. Do well.

Yes, find out what is considered to be a good job, and then train yourself until you are prepared to do it. If you want to be smart, do a little more.

B. Get the prize.

May I tell you that a prize is better than praise? Praise I have to wait for. The prize is given to me because I have done well. It may be money; it may be position. It may be permission to continue to do what I like to do.

C. Deflect the praise.

Even though most human beings are secretly “praise whores,” they do dislike people who require immense amounts of praise. But since you have the prize, the praise is not really necessary.

For instance, an actor who appears in a movie and has done a great job, and the film is touching lives with its intelligence and intensity, does not need to hear what some critic in Bangor, Maine, has to say.

D. Encourage others.

Use your success, your prowess and your authority to steer other people in the discipline of abstaining from the prostitution of self-esteem and rather, embracing the power and intimacy of humility.

Our society seems to be intoxicated with the notion that merely making claims is halfway to the goal.


Humility is a gift that we give back to life when we’re fully satisfied … and we don’t need to take anymore.


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