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Dear Grandkids:

I saw something beautiful.

I don’t like to miss beautiful things or ignore them because there are so many ugly things crowding them out of the picture.

Yet in the midst of Ferguson, Missouri, erupting once again in racial violence and some Okie frat boys singing racial slurs in a drunken stupor, I thought it was essential for me to step in and point out something progressive.

I saw a picture of former President George W. Bush and First Lady Michelle Obama sitting and laughing. They found themselves together at the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma march for freedom in Alabama. They are an unlikely pair to be in the same region, let alone enjoying one another’s company.

When the first march occurred in Selma some fifty years ago, former President Bush was a young man of eighteen years. Michelle was a one-year-old baby.

George, being raised in Texas, would have been surrounded by a community which basically believed that black people–including little Baby Michelle–were inferior.

She would have been born into a racially confused and angry society which promised her very little potential beyond minimum-wage manual labor.

As much as we need to be aware of the need for change, sometimes we need to stare at a picture and see the evidence of growth.

These two people–former President Bush and First Lady Michelle–have very little in common. When you include the racial differences, a minefield of political conflicts, and also that one is a man and the other a woman (which we tout to be an insurmountable barrier), you end up with what can only be considered a couple with irreconcilable difference.

But there they were.

The eighteen-year-old boy, raised in a bigoted South, and the one-year-old girl, limited by her color, who are now joined together, sharing similar opportunities, treasuring each other’s company and commemorating an event which has obviously changed both of their lives.

I am so glad that I am apolitical. It enables me to enjoy everybody.

Thank you, President Bush, for walking away from your early childhood training and growing more each day into the complete human being you desire to be.

And thank you, First Lady Michelle Obama, for overcoming society’s limitations and acquiring the very best you could to place you in a position where you have a voice that affects millions.

Grandkids, this is a great country–partially due to the fact that we air our faults freely in the press. But mostly because people born in different times and different worlds, come to the same conclusion:

“Let’s get along with each other.”





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You Just Can’t … June 21, 2013


swastikaYou just can’t be a German citizen and praise the technological advances of Hitler during the Nazi regime.

You also can’t be a big, fat guy like me and think you’re going to help someone suffering from anorexia.

Also ill-advised is to be a Japanese-American commemorating the great victory of your people on December 7th, 1941, at Pearl Harbor.

May I suggest that you NOT live amongst the American Indians and open up a business selling t-shirts that read, Trail of Tears: Come on! Get Over It!”

Today is not a very good day to be a rapper insisting that the lyrics may SOUND violent, but they’re not actually intended for gangster activity, while simultaneously trying to honor the memory of Lil Snupe.

Even if you’re living in Mexico and have great national pride, it is probably still tacky to discuss how you really “stomped ’em at the Alamo.”

Just a hint to Paula Deen: you might refrain from admitting, with your thick southern accent, that you have used derogatory racial slurs when referring to a population which is growing in numbers, influence and strength.

Here’s a clue about an investment to avoid: don’t put your money into the John Wilkes Booth Theater, even if you believe he was a great actor.

Also wise would be to avoid opening a casino in the Black Hills called Custer’s Last Casino.casino

If you were a minister living in Massachusetts, you might not want to launch any anti-witch campaign.

Even if it was ordained by the Pope, giving a shout-out to the Crusades is very similar to praising Osama bin Laden for his aiming of aircraft.confederate flag

And quite bluntly, displaying a confederate flag while insisting that you’re merely tipping your hat to the heritage of the south does not address the sting of four hundred years of bigotry and abuse.

There are things you just can’t do because they’ve been tainted by the actions of those who came before you. You can feel free to scream about your liberty, but don’t forget: with liberty MUST come justice.

And justice demands we consider someone besides ourselves … while pursuing our individuality.

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