Sensitize … July 21st, 2020


Every morning, Mr. Cring takes a personal moment with his friends.

Today: The church calls me a sinner and the world says I’m a winner. Neither one is true, says Cring.

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1 Thing You Can Do This Week To Smooth Out the Wrinkles in Your Life


Fix the next thing

Although we may insist that problems come in piles, what they actually do is accumulate because they are avoided or feared. Then we suddenly find ourselves with a heapin’ helpin’ of horror.

Intimidation sets in.

Intimidation brings a friend. That comrade is worry.

Worry takes twice as much brain power as reasoning and planning.


Worry demands that you remember something from the past that you think is going to happen in the present and makes you wonder if it will play out in the future. It’s exhausting.

Reasoning, on the other hand, suggests that you take what you know and apply it to the ongoing situation.

When you start fixing the next thing, you find that you not only are repairing things, but also eliminating the overwhelming sensation of being drug down by your insistent problems. Rather, you’re enlightened by them and given the opportunity, through them, to prove your prowess.

Fix the next thing.

Keep your other problems waiting.

After all, some of them deserve to be snubbed.

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Good News and Better News … January 4th. 2016

 Jonathots Daily Blog



“May the force be with you.”

‘Tis a current sentiment merged with a movie event.

Once again, a hope desiring to see the Heavens save the Earth–a flurry of beliefs in a blizzard of supplications producing an avalanche of conflict.

Yes, while the Jews honor tradition and the Muslims bow to Mecca, the Middle East burns–violently.

Simultaneously, the Baptists preach against, the Lutherans for and the Unitarians insist they never preach.

The Golden Rule becomes just a coined phrase.

We do not need the force to awaken; creation has already given us a Natural Order ripe with a crop of solutions, if we can find laborers to harvest them:

  • Remember, there is no destiny–just a destination.
  • Get along with each other or join the dinosaurs.
  • We are the ones who must awaken and use the force.

Yesterday, this was amazingly acted out to my ears as a young couple in the motel room next door yelled out the problem. It went something like this:

1. “We ain’t got enough and it’s your fault.” (Trying to find blame just lengthens the game.)

2. “You always…” (Humans are never consistent, even in the bad department.)

3. “If I can’t be successful, I at least want to win the argument.” (Keep in mind, all of nothing ends up being the same amount as half of nothing.)

4. “I’m leaving until you come to your senses.” (Unfortunately, reasoning is a profile better performed by at least two.)

The good news, my friends, is that the force has never slept, therefore, need not be awakened. Everything is available if we are willing to ask, seek or knock.

How about some better news?

That would be this: we actually need each other to find all these cures.

By the way, that young couple from the room next door got over their huffing and puffing, and started talking instead of blowing their house down.

May all of us little piggies do the same.

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What I Want … January 11, 2013


globeI want music that is emotionally charged and lyrically stimulating instead of relying on technology and production to acquire purpose.

I want art that can be freely expressed without banning and burning, granting it an opportunity to rise and fall on its merit and ability to reach the human heart.

I want education that has more practical application to everyday life instead of relying on testing to determine its quality.

I want to see a government that is consistent to its own platforms without constantly changing its mind based on the polls, so that the American people can make an intelligent choice on which direction to take our dreams and steer our vision.

I want to be part of a spirituality that is earth-friendly because we know that God is people loving.

I want to see real emotion accepted and extolled as being a virtue held within the human family instead of foolishly being relegated to women and negated from the existence of men except when they’re screaming and weeping over a particularly inspiring touchdown run.

Can we return to reasoning? Can we find our Creator through science and discussion instead of using religion to scare away new ideas?

I will cheer for romance that aspires to mutual satisfaction between human beings instead of extolling the probability of domination and gender segregation.

I will join anyone who understands that equality begins when we stop building our own walls as reinforcements to the walls built by our parents.

I think justice would be possible if we would simplify the law and apply it evenly to every party involved, giving grace to those who are humble while resisting the proud.

Would it be possible for money to be a pursuit, to free us of greediness, and instead, empowering us to with the blessing of giving to others?

And what I want is to live in a world where war is reluctantly pursued when it is the only way to bring peace.

I am not going to get what I want. I am not lobbying for legislation, nor am I complaining to the skies over the lack of action.  Instead, I am taking my singular life and as much as possible, duplicating my desires within the boundaries of my own experience. I am making an example of what I want, hoping that someone will see it and in his or her own way, imitate the better parts. It is certainly the best that any of us can do.

It is assuredly what we all must do.

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