Cracked 5 … May 30th, 2020

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Cracked 5

Really Obscure, Nearly Ancient References to June


A.  “Huntin’ for Junebugs”


B. “Honeymoon…Keep’a shinin’ in June”


C. Jewn: a little-used, anti-Semitic slur


D. June Cleaver, who was a trifle too flirty with Eddie Haskell


E. “June is bustin’ out all over”


Cracked 5 … June 26th, 2018

Jonathots Daily Blog


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Ways a Magician Describes His Sex Life

A. “Abracadooher”


B. “Open says me”


C. “Wavin’ my magic wand”


D. “My rabbit is in my hat”


E. “Can I have a volunteer from the audience?”

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Cracked 5 … January 2nd, 2018

Jonathots Daily Blog


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  Really, Really, Really Insipid New Year’s Resolutions

A. “I resolve with all my heart to breathe more deeply.”


B. “I am determined this year to use less toilet tissue.”


C. “It is my great conviction to take this year to memorize my pin numbers.”


D. “My New Year’s resolution? Stop harassing women unless I’m sure they want to be harassed.”


E. “Cut calories by limiting my intake of fried cheese.”

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