Jesonian: The Worst Four… February 1, 2015

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There are four attitudes that we, as human beings, hate. To a certain degree we even become disgusted with ourselves when we sprout one of them.

So it is truly ironic that modern theology insists that Jesus manifested all four of them.

Shall we review them?

  1. I am perfect.
  2. I am a prude.
  3. I am giving up so much for you.
  4. I am God.

I think you will agree that if anybody decides to propagate these assertions in our midst, we are predisposed to dislike them and might even want to try to plot ways to hurt them.

The average religious person will tell you that Jesus pulled it off because he was actually perfect, spiritually prudent, the sacrificial Lamb…and God.

Nevertheless, when you’re standing in front of people wearing skin and smelling as rotten as they do, you won’t get very far or become very popular by promoting these things.

Yet quite to the contrary, we know that Jesus was very popular and he did draw crowds. And people were certainly attracted to him.

Here’s why:

He never claimed to be perfect.

It was an afterthought from those who chronicled. Matter of fact, he even told a young man that “God is the only person who is good.”

And he wasn’t a prude.

Case in point, they accused him of being a drunkard, a glutton and of co-habitating with sinners.

He also did not walk around talking about being “the sacrifice for sin.”

They decided to kill him. He told them that his mission was to “give life, and it more abundantly.”

And only in private moments, and at his trial, did he espouse his total equality with God.

What he told them was that he came to show them the Father through his actions, his love and his perseverance.

So to put it simply:

  • The Jesus of history has great appeal.
  • The Christ of theology is a buzz kill.

Make up your mind.

If you’re going to be Jesonian, you’ll honor the heart and words of Jesus … and not the interpretation of the modern pharisees who have misinterpreted him.

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