Sit Down Comedy … September 4th, 2020

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Sit Down Comedy

A whisper.

What is the whisper?

Is it a begrudging apology offered in plaintive solitude?

Is it breathless uncertainty?

Is it suppressed by intimidation, hoping it no longer can be heard?

Why do we whisper?

Is it intimacy?

Perhaps the words can be uttered without actually being recognized.

Is it gentleness?

Is it the timbre of a coward?

When do we whisper? Usually when we’re close.

Do we whisper when we’re apart?

Do we sometimes speak, hushed, knowing that no one will hear, but still enabling ourselves to complain because they didn’t?

Do other creatures whisper?

Is there room in the natural order for the whisper to prosper?

Can I whisper and be confident; whisper and realize I may not be comprehended?

Is my whisper an objection to the brash cacophony that surrounds me every day?

Or am I just so uncertain of my own meaning that I’d rather remain unknowable?

How do we whisper?

Is it the best way to communicate to a single ear?

How close do the lips have to get to that one ear, often causing a tingling throughout the whole body?

Do great men whisper?

Do lions whisper? Or do they leave that to the meager mouse?

Yes, is whispering mousy?

Is it a way to escape confrontation?

Or is it a pious practice, conveying a holy calm?

Do I whisper?

And when I do, is it a choice of empowerment or a trembling of disbelief?

There is so much overpowering in the world that sometimes a whisper can receive unmerited appreciation.

For what good is there to speak something important if it is so quiet that it can’t be perceived?

What is a whisper?

Is it used more for love or for fear?

Or is it brought out when we fear love?

A whisper.

Maybe it’s just the natural volume of our human soul.

The Alphabet of Us: P is for Passion… March 23, 2015

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Building block P bigger

All human beings possess a heart, soul, mind and strength. Nothing of any true significance can be achieved unless this is understood.

Passion is the flesh we put on the spirit of our faith. It is the visible sign that we are involved and enthusiastic about our own convictions.

It has two parts, and each unit requires the other for the passion to be real, workable and acceptable in the human tribe: perseverance and peace.

  • If our passion has too much perseverance and lacks peace, we will be dissatisfied with our present conditions and greatly inhibit our progress by coming across too aggressive or too grumpy.
  • If we have too much peace, we cut ourselves slack and retreat from challenge because it seems to rob us of our gentle solitude.

Passion is perseverance and peace wed in a matrimony of lust for good things.

It is expressed in this way: “I am chasing my goal and I will not give up, but will have joy with where I am while I pursue.”

In other words, “I want it, but I don’t need it; I enjoy while I seek.”

Human beings without passion begin to settle for circumstances and even ideals which are comfortable rather than transforming. Yet passion has to be grounded in the common sense that comprehends that if we do not find a sense of balance in our everyday lives which produces good cheer, we will find ourselves unworthy of opportunity knocking at our door.

Very simply, no one wants to bless someone who is cursing the world, and no one thinks to offer a new chance to an individual who appears unmotivated.

Human beings need passion.

It is when we use our perseverance to generate the peace which allows us to continue to be perseverant.

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