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atlas bigMay we take a moment to sum up the human condition?

The gravity of our situation adds weight and pressure to our lives, creating burden. Feeling this added weight, we tend to gyrate to situations where we can float along and be buoyant. Unfortunately, because this climate is not where we really desire to be or in correlation with our calling, we stagnate, which lends itself to feelings of disappointment.

So even though the added gravity of an environment that questions us may occasionally make us feel defeated, trying to stay in an “easy” climate that does not cause us to grow produces disappointment, which degrades itself to depression.

Sooner or later we must understand that we are not meant to be buoyant. We are not intended to be creatures who merely bob up and down, moving with the flow of the world around us.

  • We have legs.
  • We have a backbone.
  • We are not fish.

We are supposed to endure the gravity of life, but somehow find a way to ease the tribulation and be of good cheer.

Yes, there is a difference between easy and ease, and in finding that distinction, you discover one of the key secrets of human life.

The main thing that has to be conquered is despair. Easy does not defeat it, nor does throwing a fit over your inadequacy scare the dark clouds away. We must find a way to ease the gravity of our situation.

Where do we start?

  1. Being too positive makes you ill-prepared for the realities that will come your way.  1a. Think yes, prepare for no.
  2. Being too negative encompasses your time, which could be better spent in planning and learning. 2a.Consider no; prepare for yes.
  3. Being practical is the art of balancing what you have with what might happen. 3a. Ignore yes and no; focus on the details.
  4. Knowing that surprises are inevitable, it’s a good idea not to take too much time acting surprised. 4a. Difficulty is common to all human beings.
  5. Set small goals so achievement is possible daily. 5a. The blessings and trials of life are delivered with each morning’s portion.

To choose an easy path is to quickly make yourself extinct in your own evolution. To ease the path, you have to consider the factors–every movement is countered by a movement from another direction.

Being aware of that grants you the advantage of not needing to fall into a pit of despair, but rather, pulling up short of the edge, gaining your footing … and living to think and work another day.

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Radiate … June 28, 2013


jon & janThe evening was nearly done.

Matter of fact, the last piece of equipment was being carefully placed in the back of my van as a gentleman walked up to my window. He was a soft-spoken individual, and related a story of having just seen a news report on ABC about a prison which had allowed its less volatile inmates to hold a “daddy and daughter dance,” so that those who were incarcerated could have a special evening with their children.

I listened to him carefully. After all, I ask people at my engagements to tune an ear my way–it only seems right to grant them the same opportunity. The story was intriguing–but what touched me were the tears that came to his eyes as he related the details of how these prisoners were moved and changed by the experience of being granted such a rare blessing of being with their daughters in what one might call a “normal” environment.

I, too, was greatly interested in the facts of the story. But what grabbed my soul was how this tale being told by the friend in front of me had so deeply touched his heart. There were tears in his eyes and his emotion radiated up to me. It was an absolutely beautiful moment.

I realized that this is something missing from our society. Too often we encase ourselves in stone to protect our entity from foreign invasion, and in doing so, we lose the power of being surrounded by the joys, sorrows, victories and defeats of others. Isolated, we are trapped in our own thoughts, and therefore, we stagnate.

Human beings were meant to radiate–one to another. We were intended to infect one another with goodness, grace, hope, love and the best parts of faith.

This gentleman and I had never been acquainted before, but after this excursion into one another’s feelings, we could probably trust each other for life.

As he walked away, I thought to myself, That’s what I want. I want to radiate. I want to allow myself to be radiated. And once the radiation has flooded my body and soul, I think I’ll be much better prepared … to handle all the fall-out.

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