Three Ways to Overcome Laziness … January 22, 2015

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Convinced I was a worthless bum who had no intention of earning money for a living to take care of myself and my family, friends and loved ones agreed to pursue a campaign of “tough love” by alienating me from their affection and refusing to contribute to my well-being.

They had decided years before that I needed to be a preacher, or if I didn’t want to pursue that occupation, I should take the first job I could find and be happy to have it.

I didn’t agree.

My disagreement left me confused and rejected by those who claimed to love me, making me want to do very little except hang out or sleep. I was dubbed an “indigent piece of crap.”

The truth of the matter is, I had not yet discovered a way to do what I wanted to do and make enough money to silence my critics.

  • I was just a kid.
  • I needed guidance, not criticism.
  • I needed to think and not be expected to respond.

Having no counsel, comfort–or friendship, for that matter, I launched into a trial-and-error lifestyle, seeking a way to acquire my heart’s desire without starving to death.

I found that the key to overcoming laziness was to pursue a goal in life that excites you every morning–and then, once you find that treasure, chase after three very important principles:

1. Always start with something simple.

There is a danger in dreaming too big. All of our dreams must be swallowed–digested–to give us energy, and if they’re too large, they’ll choke us.

Find something you can do, do it well and see what happens.

2. Avoid pursuing other people’s agendas.

Remember, you’ve been created once, in God’s image. To allow yourself to be created in somebody else’s image is not only foolishness, but an insult to your original Creator. Other people will try to make you do what works for them, and when it doesn’t work, they will blame you instead of their own bad counsel.

3. Use what you have.

Many people become lazy because they believe they lack the needed resources to begin their task. If you find you need something to stimulate your pursuit, then you should tone down your expectation to dispel your need.

We all can begin.

Sometimes we’re arrogant and don’t want to accept a small start, but if you use what you have, you don’t have to borrow from your detractors.

I suppose there are lazy people. But I choose to believe that most individuals who find themselves stymied and absent work are just unable to access their passion and pursue it by starting simple, avoiding other people’s agendas and quietly using what they have. Donate Button

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