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Jesus teaching the disciples

I’ve got it figured that it must have been a Monday morning, shortly before dawn, when Jesus of Nazareth, the carpenter’s son, gathered up his few possessions and walked out of the door of his family home to begin a mission to change the world, one heart at a time.

Things were a mess.

  • God was too big.
  • Heaven was too far away.
  • And the rules were way too hard to follow.

On top of that, there were professional religionists who made a living by keeping God big, discussing how far away heaven was, and making up new rules and ceremonies.

So where was Jesus supposed to start?

Jesus thought it was a good idea to change Jehovah into a Father--selling the idea of Father by telling stories about what a good Daddy He is to all his children.

Jesus brought Heaven down to Earth and told us that “the Kingdom of God is within us.”

And he changed the rules. He made it clear that the true sign of God being with us was how well we love our neighbor.

So he brought God home to be our Father, he put Heaven in our hearts and he told us the only rule was believing that no one is better than anyone else.

For this magnificent gift to mankind, he received the death sentence.

Ironically, as I walk out of my room today, I face the same three monsters.

Instead of Father, we’ve gone back to Old Testament names for God and made Him too big.

Instead of the Kingdom of God being within us, we keep yearning for a Heaven which is neither of our making or our taking.

And instead of loving our neighbor, we’d rather put significance on rituals and doctrines that puff us up with meaningless discussions.

Still, we need a Father.

We need to know the Kingdom is within us.

And we desperately need to love our neighbor before we kill each other off.

So learning from Jesus, I will try to share his essential message–and bring a little bit more good cheer and comedy… in the hopes of keeping the nails out of my hands.

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