Cracked 5 … October 27th, 2018

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Reasons the ladies on “The View” might give for how being a prostitute empowers women:

A. Being a prostitute frees up daytime hours to go to the clinic


B. Proof that penis size doesn’t matter


C. Flashy clothes


D. Education in the court system


E. Simplifies things–all men are named “John”

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Jesonian … June 30th, 2018

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He had done an excellent job explaining his “View.” He was plugging a new book.

Over the years I had enjoyed his commentary and appearances on television, as he invites a bit of grace and “courtly” into the American thoroughfare of thought.

The segment was winding down when he was asked a question about a recent retaliation a Congresswoman had proffered toward one of her enemies. I saw his countenance change. Suddenly, he appeared beleaguered. Perhaps merely pursuing kindness had left him in despair, causing him to look for more aggressive weapons to address all the surrounding demons.

He replied, “I know we’re supposed to turn the other cheek. That’s what Jesus said. But there’s a reason there’s only one Jesus.”

I stalled. There was a grumbling of approval from the audience, but I did sense that many of them, like me, were hoping that the words “turn the other cheek” had great validity–considering the fact that the alternative offers nothing but disaster.

When has retaliation afforded any lasting effect? Certainly all despots and murderous dictators have to eventually be ousted from power, but it does not keep them from coming back.

We need a more permanent solution.

We need to know that in the midst of making progress, we are actually progressing.

It would be absolutely divine to sense that God is with us. Can we take a moment to take a look at “turn the other cheek?”

The law of that day (and also our day) was “an eye for an eye.” So “turn the other cheek” was a clever way of explaining the process of losing your eye.

It begins with a hit to your face. No one is going to extract your eye without striking you. It is unlikely that the first blow will dislodge your peeper. So it offers the quandary:

Shall I fight back and lose an eye, or maybe die, or end up doing the kill against my will?

At this moment, the reasonable nature of a survivor needs to kick in to provide the possibility for sustaining life. Without this, something will be lost.

Every time two people fight, there are casualties on both sides. No one has been able to come up with a “clean war”–or even an argument free of damage.

And the question is, how many times can we be damaged before we’re beyond repair? And long before we’re beyond repair, are we not without faith?

Turning the other cheek is not a noble concept, lived out by an itinerant Nazarene minister two thousand years ago. It is the clever, intelligent, intuitive and revelatory approach to avoid losing your eye or being forced into extracting life from another.

Whether we like it or not, once we kill, we are murderers. Once we damage, we are destroyers.

The thing my brother failed to realize is that even though turning the other cheek demands that I use much more of my intellect than I would tapping my baboon instincts, those jungle antics always leave some creature dead.

A slap on the cheek is the beginning of an attempt to squash your eye.

You can either retaliate and hope that you are stronger, or, as you bleed out on the ground from your head, wonder if it might not have been better to interrupt the process by turning the other cheek–to buy time for more reasonable negotiations to be considered.


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G-Poppers… February 6, 2015

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The little granddaughter came into the room to watch television with G-Pop. A talk show was hosting a famous rap artist who had made a video about exotic dancers.

Granddaughter asked, “G-Pop, what does it mean to empower?”

For you see, the young rapper had insisted that his song was pro-female–showing how these girls dancing around poles were gaining personal power and authority.

G-Pop paused, gauging the soul of his hearer. At length he spoke.

“Empower means to give place, position and respect.”

Granddaughter frowned. She inquired, “Do they take off their clothes?”

“Some of them,” said G-Pop.

“Why?” she asked.

The water was getting deeper, but G-Pop decided to wade on in.

“Because,” he replied, “the men like to look at them.”

“So how do the girls have the power if they’re doing what the men want?”

“They don’t,” said G-Pop.

“So is the rapper lying?” Granddaughter was determined to get her answers.

“No, he’s just mistaken,” said G-Pop carefully.

“Why don’t the other women on the show question the rapper?”

G-Pop paused. “He’s young, handsome and popular.”

“Are they scared?”

“Maybe,” replied G-Pop.

“So the girl who dances around the pole does that because she’s afraid that the men won’t like her.”

G-Pop interrupted. “And give her money.”

Granddaughter continued. “And the ladies on the show are quiet because there’s a man who has money sitting in front of them.”

G-Pop considered her conclusion. “Yeah. Kind of.”

“What do you mean, kind of?”

G-Pop smiled. “I mean, my dear, that you are right.”

“So,” surmised Granddaughter, “whoever has the money is in charge.”

“Well,” reasoned G-Pop, “whoever has the money frightens people if they want the money.”

Granddaughter just shook her head. “Weird.”

She got up to leave. “Bye, G-Pop. I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he said, as she made her way out the door.

G-Pop stared at the place where his young granddaughter had been sitting. He prayed that she would always be so brave. He hoped she would control her choices–and money–and not be forced to dance, bow, comply, submit or deny herself to get it.

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