G-Poppers … May 4th, 2018

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G-Pop wants to warn his children to avoid loud folks or strong and silent types if you really want to try to get something done. The loud are always too proud, and the quiet rarely get the courage to try it.

It has become very fashionable to brag about what we think we’re going to accomplish, calling it self-worth. But the truth is, self-worth needs the “worth” first, for the “self” to confirm. Otherwise you end up with a lot of “self” and not much “worth.”

And just because somebody doesn’t talk much, this does not mean they’re withholding information. Often they’re just withholding ignorance.

What you want to look for are curious people who ask questions. This means they’ve learned the power of mulling–considering the subject matter before leaping in with both feet or tip-toeing away in fear.

There was such a man in 1860. He was surrounded by loud people, yelling at each other over the issue of slavery. And then there was the majority of folks in the country, who did not own slaves, but was scared to death and hid in their houses, praying there would be no war.

Brother Abraham just asked questions–because he was curious. His questions made people nervous. His curiosity exposed the cattiness of the politicians of his day. And because of his questioning, he was able foster out one of the most powerful pieces of human liberation in the history of mankind.

Just because it’s popular to heat up our self-esteem or think that “silence is golden,” the true sign of wisdom is curiosity, which leads to legitimate questions.

  • Curiosity without questions is just being nosy.
  • Questions without curiosity is rebellion.

So G-Pop wants his children to know that the best profile for taking on the household of Mother Earth is to remain curious, and come up with righteous questions.

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Tulip Tip-Toeing… January 6, 2014

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Adam tulipsGod, sex, food and money: the four subjects which intersect every human life nearly every day.

Since they are so prevalent, it might be a good idea to determine our approach instead of trying to tip-toe around the issues so as not to bruise the “flowery statements.”

The reason I mention this is that most people try to apply some form of worship to this quartet of adventures. They, of course, feel it is necessary to worship God, who they believe tells them to revere sex and offer great gratitude for bounty over food, and they believe that all finance is divinely distributed.

The trouble is, if you worship these four hallmarks of tradition, you never grasp their value or acquire the skill to maneuver your way among the many possibilities and drawbacks.

It’s why, in the Good Book, Jesus said that all worship should be “in spirit and truth”–spirit in the sense that “I believe there is something greater than me,” and truth in that it is my responsibility to find a practical way to apply what I discover in my daily life.

So worship is looking skyward and walking earthly.

  • So the worship of God is that I honor my Creator by recognizing the systems, ideas and goals He has presented, to make this whole process work.
  • When it comes to sex, I find spirit by understanding how amazing and magnificent it is, but then, instead of boasting or pretending, I find where this gift fits into my life in the most positive sense.
  • Likewise with food–I don’t understand how wheat grows, but it is my job to ascertain if I need to be “gluten-free.”
  • And money, one of the more elusive aspects of most people’s lives, is available to the souls who cease lusting for it, but instead find a way to romance it their way.

We’re doing too much tulip tip-toeing because we’re afraid of messing up the garden.

As a result, God has become religious, sex has become dirty, food has become dangerous and money has become greed.

We can do better than this.

Start today:

  1. I worship God by believing He’s my Creator, but finding a way to be creative myself.
  2. I worship sex by realizing how truly amazing it is and finding someone I love to share it with in the greatest format of intimacy.
  3. I worship food by finding those nutrients that make my body feel outstanding.
  4. And I worship money by determining that it is a by-product of effort and good budgeting, and by having respect for the power of giving.

I, for one, would like to stop tip-toeing through the tulips, but instead, like Adam and Eve, walk boldly through the Garden … knowing that I am meant to be there.


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