G-Poppers … May 27th, 2016

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The most important thing is to win.

No, the most important thing is to try.

G-Pop watches closely as these two conflicting attitudes struggle for dominance in our society.

There are those who will not be satisfied unless they are continually prospering, or at least appear to be.

There is certainly a contingency which thinks that maturity, and even spirituality, is best expressed by merely having a sense of willingness.

Yet G-Pop wants his children to be aware that both of these approaches fail to promote winners, and generally speaking, produce whiners.

After all, we don’t always win. And if we don’t win, we have two choices: we can make a ton of lame excuses or we can lie.

And likewise, it’s not always good enough to just try. We end up wondering if we could have done better, or attempt to capsulize the failure into “a learning experience.”

These two concepts run rampant across our culture, especially infesting politics and religion.

For instance, some politicians will do anything to win, and others insist they are the champions of the less fortunate–those who are really “trying hard to make ends meet.”

In the case of religion, it is a misguided juxtaposition of “God will meet your every need” and “all you will ever need is God.”


These two ideas are not only insufficient, but flirt with evil.

The winners always deceive, and the “tryers” always blame someone for the deficit.

G-Pop wants to tell his children that the most important thing is to know.

Know what?

1. Know you listened.

It is highly unlikely that any one of us presently posses the wisdom and understanding to solve all of our own problems. It is in listening that we discover new insights from better-traveled souls–ideas which enable us to take a fresher approach.

2. Know you have good cheer.

G-Pop is not certain he’s ever seen grumping, complaining or lamenting lead to success. A certain amount of worry-free humor is necessary to find our best.

And most importantly:

3. Know you are honest.

Looking over your shoulder to see if you’re going to get caught is not a good way to be forward thinking. We may hope we get away with lying, but eventually, at an hour we least expect it, our lack of candor will be brought to the forefront. There is real power in knowing that no matter what the result may be, you were completely truthful about your situation.

As the political furor continues in our country, and winning and trying are lifted onto the shoulders of the cheering masses, it is enriching for the children of common sense to honor the importance of knowing.

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