“The Best Christmas Stories I’ve Ever Read”

Mr. Kringle’s Tales …26 Stories ‘Til Christmas

Mr. Kringles Tales normal“I read Jonathan’s Christmas book,” said Pastor Arthur Holland of Shelby, North Carolina. “It had the best Christmas stories I’ve ever read.”

Jonathan Richard Cring’s best-seller, Mr. Kringle’s Tales…26 Stories’Til Christmas, continues to enchant readers all over America, flying off the tour store shelves each year.

Why 26 stories, we wondered?

“It’s an advent calendar of stories,” explained the author. “One a day, beginning on November 30th and ending on Christmas Day.”

Some bite-sized samples of the goodies within:

From Santa’s Sniffles: “Let it be known, there are only two things improper, frowned upon, held in poor regard or illegal, if you will, at the North Pole. The first is bad attitudes.”

From Santa Does the Big Apple: “Svelte, Santa, svelte. A health conscious Claus. No longer the jolly, old elf. The svelte, young, athletic Norseman, trimmed beard, great haircut, pearly white teeth.”

From A Miracle for Elf Randy: “The scourge of “elfdom”–a malady so intense the eyes redden and bulge in horror: tallitis. Swollen hands, feet, nose and legs skyrocketing the victim to an incredible, freakish four feet in height.”

From The Unstable Thief: “Philip knew there would be plenty of money to buy a new robe and cloak. Maybe his clothes would keep the lamb warm. They were old and tattered anyway.”

From Daviatha: “Life on Daviatha was over, but its incandescence zoomed through the blackened night, thousands of years of travel–light begetting light.”

From All the Reindeer Games: “You see, at one time, the elves held a competition, called (appropriately) The Reindeer Games, which was played to relieve some boredom, pressure and to help keep the peace.”

From Why Reindeer Not Elephants:  “…Floppy ears create wind resistance… Mrs. Kringle’s recurring dream about wrinkled trunks swallowing Santa in the Hackensack tunnel.”

From Mr. Kringle Visits the President: “Lincoln smiled. “The children will have their Christmas, Mr. Kringle.” Lincoln turned away and stared out the window as Mr. Kringle vanished.”

From Gunfight at the OhKaye Chorale: “OhKaye, Kansas, was named by a man who was in love with a sweet young lass named Kaye and wanted to impress her by buying a town and naming it after her.”

From T’was The Night Before the Night:

“So ascending into the sky

With reindeer yearning to fly

And deliver a special toy

For a precious girl or boy…”

From Morning Has Woken: “The children stir and wiggle, emitting a glorious giggle. They are like foam in a soda can on a hot summer’s day, ready to fizz and explode. Just touch it–snap its top. Watch it erupt…”

Don’t let another Christmas season go by without sharing the tales with friends and family.

Purchase Mr. Kringle’s Tales…’26 Stories ‘Til Christmas today!


Only $5.99 plus $1.25 shipping and handling!

Only $5.99 plus $1.25 shipping and handling!

Only $5.99 plus $1.25 shipping and handling.

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