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Arriving in my inbox…

I read it over three or four times–a quick note from a friend, explaining his interpretation on the climate of our generation and the attitude about belief.

“The name of Jesus is becoming as tainted as every other religion. The truth can live but the trappings cannot. Christianity needs to go underground for a while.”

I asked myself what I felt about those words.

I have fond memories of my faith–from the tingle that went down my spine at church camp the first time I was moved by the notion that God loved me to the many times in my life when near-disaster and tribulation forced me to the ground, and I used the opportunity to pray on my knees.

I would have to agree that religion stalls the progress of humanity. But on our way to throw the baby out with the baptismal water, we might want to reflect.

We might want to think about a human brother who came so many centuries ago to show us that God was a Father.

This brother also taught us that “the Kingdom was within.”

Maybe we are supposed to make sense of our lives–but it won’t come from looking to the sky or pouring over sacred books.

So what is important to me as a human being?

And how could there be any eternal quality to my life if I fail to discover my earthly worth?

I sat down and wrote a book and entitled it Within.

It is about being human. It is about what is involved in that discovery.

It is about…you.

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$3.99 plus $2.00 S & H

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Buy 3 for $10.00 plus $4.00 S & H

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