Cring & Clazzy set the Sermon on the Mount to music

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The Sermon on the Mount, as recorded in Matthew 5, 6 and 7, is the most quoted and controversial statement ever made to mankind. Although two thousand years old, the words from this Sermon permeate every culture on the face of the Earth today!

Jesus was ahead of his time. As a matter of fact, in these three chapters, which are the very foundation of the good news–Jesus spoke in sound bites.

For instance:

Matthew 5

  • You are the salt of the earth
  • Let your light so shine
  • Go the second mile

Matthew 6

  • Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven
  • Lay up treasure in heaven
  • Take no thought

  Matthew 7

567: go tell it from the Mount features Cring and Clazzy–the biggest 2-piece band in America.

In The Sermon on the Mount, Jesus tells us that God is our Father. The concept was revolutionary in His time and continues to transform people today.

Listen to Cring’s Abba Overture as he and Clazzy play it together.

More music from 567: go tell it from the Mount

Cring’s ballad, Let:

There are times in my life … Nothing comes repairs the breech …

I can see a distant hope … Lying just beyond my reach…

Let it blow … 

animated clef

Another revelation from the Sermon on the Mount is summed up through Cring’s showstopper, What Will I Gain?

animated clef

And finally, a toe-tapper entitled Talk About the Good Lord

animated clef

567: go tell it from the Mount is an innovative musical rendition of The Sermon on the Mount  presented by two consummate artists–Spirited black and whiteJonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy. Jonathan, a composer, screenwriter, international columnist, and Janet, master of the Yamaha WX5 Wind Machine (a horn with the sounds of 250 instruments) employ stories and music to showcase the wisdom and wit that Jesus brought to his life on earth.

How do we know the message works? When there is no separation between what we believe and what we are. As the Sermon closes, the people were astonished, because Jesus spoke from a place of reality … and not like the religious leaders.

It will leave you feeling … well, blessed!

To schedule, call Jackie Barnett at (615) 481-1474

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