What You’ve Seen and Heard

Jon solo“Great music is great music for all time,” states Jonathan Richard Cring from his headquarters on the road. “It’s ageless.”

And with that in mind, below is a bit of the music you will hear with the duo, consisting of Cring and his partner of eighteen years, Janet Clazzy.  Lend an ear for yourself.

Cring and Clazzy’s seven-word anthem, No One is Better than Anyone Else:

Below are a few lyrics and a track from Cring’s best-selling album, Let:

There are times in my life, Nothing comes repairs the breach, I can see a distant hope, Lying just beyond my reach …


jan-with-wind-machine video


Here is Clazzy, with the ever-popular ballad by Bette Midler, The Rose:



And the title cut from their brand new CD, Give Me a Smile:

 Finally, from their acoustic album, Take It Back, the highly popular gospel blues number entitled Spent This Time:

To schedule Spirited, call Jackie Barnett at (615) 481-1474

Spirited black and white



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