PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant … March 2nd, 2016

 Jonathots Daily Blog


PoHymn March 2


I don’t remember being born

I feel like I should

I don’t recall potty training

It seems to have paid off

When was my first lie?

Did I get caught?

When did I discover my private parts?

No public record

Santa Claus was easy to buy

You get things if you’re good

So why did I lessen being upright?

Was naughty really that nice?

“Jesus loves me, this I know”

But do I really believe?

“The Bible tells me so”

Maybe I should read it more often

When did I start wanting?

How did it become needing?

Or did the other one come first?

Which is better? Which is worse?

How much good until you’re better?

How much better to achieve the best?

Is life for learning or just a fruitless test?

I don’t want the answers

Because I kind of hate the questions.


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