Spirited 2014

message meaning missionThe acclaimed duo known as Spirited–Jonathan Richard Cring and Janet Clazzy–are thrilled to roll out a three-fold offering for 2014–a creative way of restoring the message, meaning and mission of Jesus through three separate events–all brimming with entertainment and inspiration, comedy and drama–and designed to keep the good in the news. Let’s start with a bit of their music:

Give Me a Smile, a brand new cut from Jonathan’s latest CD of the same title:

Janet’s gorgeous oboe rendition of the famous Bette Midler ballad, The Rose:

Saturday night: THE MESSAGE

click on the mountain to hear music and see details

click on the mountain to hear music and see details

Can the message of Jesus–the manifesto he delivered on the Mount–be communicated creatively?

“You bet it can,”  responds Jonathan Richard Cring, screenwriter and international columnist. “Jesus was ahead of his time. So much so that he used sound bites and tweets to deliver his message. Check out the Beatitudes!”

Along with master musician Janet Clazzy, Jonathan will explore those one-liners in a one-hour, three-act event of entertainment and inspiration designed to restore the common sense of the gospel Jesus was sent to deliver.

As we might tweet today:


Sunday morning: THE MEANING

click to take a look at the Spirited Sunday Rally  page

click to take a look at the Spirited Sunday Rally page

“Once we have a handle on the message,” continues Mr. Cring from the road in Dayton, Ohio, “We have to translate that message into HUMAN SPEAK.  If we don’t do that, we lose the meaning. So on Sunday mornings we just talk, play music and enjoy the message Jesus brought us, human being to human being.”

The Spirited Sunday Morning Rally is tailor-made for your gathering. Showcasing Jonathan’s ability to share through story and song, along with Janet’s breath-taking talents on the oboe and the Yamaha WX5 Wind Machine (a horn with 250 instruments), Spirited takes the morning to celebrate with your congregation the beauty of being human and the fact that “NoOne is better than anyone else.”

Sunday night: THE MISSION

click the rocking chair to see more about Front Porch USA

click the rocking chair to see more about Front Porch USA

On Sunday night, Jonathan and Janet explore the completed mission of the gospel by looking deeply into the life of one child of God, Timothy Stromlin, known as “TS.” In a one-hour, three-act play, Front Porch USA … you are not off your rocker, we watch TS as he ruminates on the stages of his life and finds himself entertaining an unexpected guest.

As the identity of his mystery visitor is finally revealed, we come to realize that when we Find the Lily to Consider and we Dig for Gold in the Rule, we ultimately Prepare a Place for Ourselves … and the final journey is blessed with love.


Hosting the Spirited Weekend is easy:

  1. Receive our materials
  2. Use them to invite your folks to come out to 567 on Saturday night
  3. Set aside 45 minutes for Spirited on Sunday morning
  4. Get ready for an excited group to return for Front Porch USA on Sunday evening
  5. Pass the plate at each gathering
  6. Sit back and enjoy

And we have a publicist to help you advertise the event–the lovely prospect of visitors to your church!

To schedule, call Jackie Barnett at (615) 481-1474

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