G-Poppers … March 20, 2015

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“G-Pop, why do you say ‘thank you’ so much?” the grandson asked.

Before G-Pop could answer, the young boy followed with yet another question. “And why do you say ‘excuse me’ when you didn’t fart or burp?”

G-Pop swallowed a laugh, for after all, these were serious questions.

G-Pop: Do you remember when you learned to tie your shoes?

Grandson: Sure. Who wouldn’t?

G-Pop: Good point. Who taught you?

Grandson: Mom. Wait! No, I remember. It was Dad.

G-Pop: What if he taught you how to tie them and you walked away and didn’t practice?

Grandson: I guess I’d forget.

G-Pop: Exactly. Of course you would. And once you forgot, you’d start to think it was no big deal. Pretty soon your shoes would stay untied and one day you’d trip over your laces and fall down flat on your face.

Grandson: Not if I wore sandals.

G-Pop: That’s true. But you don’t wear sandals all the time.

Grandson: Right. What has that got to do with saying thank you?

G-Pop: It’s called manners–and it’s the manner in which I choose to live. So I say thank you all the time so I won’t miss a moment when a thank you is desperately needed. I say excuse me so folks will know I appreciate them for putting up with my interruptions.

Grandson: It sounds dumb.

G-Pop: Probably. But you know what’s dumber? Wondering why somebody hasn’t thanked you when you never say it yourself.

Grandson: Yeah. This kid at school didn’t have any lunch so I gave him half of my sandwich. He never thanked me.

G-Pop: How did it make you feel?

Grandson: Mad.

G-Pop: I’ll bet you he thinks he said thank you because it crossed his mind but never made it to his lips.

Grandson: Why?

G-Pop: Good question. I guess if we don’t practice, we aren’t ready to perform. So when it’s time to say thank you or excuse me, we block it, thinking that it’s dumb or unnecessary.

Grandson: I do that.

G-Pop: So I practice. Even if I bump into a piece of furniture, I say excuse me.

Grandson: Now, that is dumb!

G-Pop: Listen…it’s okay to talk to a chair as long as you don’t think it’s talking back.

Grandson laughs.

He said, “Thank you, G-Pop.”

It was a good start.


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